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I have 2 Zentyal domain controllers.

dc1 acts as main dns server, transparent DNS cache not enabled, forwarding to google root dns to resolve external addresses.

When dc1 is offline, I checked that can nslookup, set dc2 as the server and resolve both internal and external addresses, but it needs to be specified manually.

What are the best ways to automate this: router? client-side script? group policy?

Other modules / Re: Zent 5 + WSUS
« on: January 23, 2018, 05:59:30 pm »,_Computers_and_File_Sharing#Group_Policy_Objects

"It's possible to create and enforce any GPO using a Windows client joined to the domain. Installing Microsoft RSAT tools and logging into the client using the Domain Admin LDAP account, you will use RSAT interface to design the desired GPO."

Thanks: this fixed the issue for me as well.

I have installed Zentyal 5.0.

After reboot, the web admin interface is not available but can be reached after a service zentyal stop/start .

The configuration is incomplete and the server is not connected to the network yet.

However it looks like I cannot proceed with the setup as:

- I cannot see anything in Software Management/Zentyal Components - it is now empty

- If I try and configure some System (ex. Date and time) or Network parameters the changes are not getting saved as the network service is in an unknown state.

The only modules I can see and are activated are network (in an unknown state) and logs.

Is there a chance to restart the configuration from scratch as the other modules were present on first access?

Is it possible to proceed to the configuration offline, knowing that services will not be working correctly until the server is actually connected to a network?

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