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This will stop the whole X server system.

Logout of you current session to leave you at the LightDM GUI screen.

Press CTRL + ALT + F1 to move to TTY1 (text console).

Login as yourself


Code: [Select]
sudo service lightdm stop
this will shutdown all graphics.

Both Domain Controller and Additional Controller are zentyl 4.2. Is there a way inZentyl to promote the BDC to the primary.

I just lost my primary domain controller, hard Drive failure. I rebuilt the replacement controller and installed the zentyl 4.2 install disk again. I tried to join it as an additional Controller, but that didn't work. I also tried just setting it as the primary , but even using the same domain name it started a  whole new domain and wouldn't replicate.

I eventually restored the config file backup and everything is working fine, but if I had not had that backup file, what would have been my options?

I had the same problem with the Windows server Administrator password using an * .

After weeks of trying to join and populate the domain, it was faster to take a weekend to drop windows and Create a new domain on zentyl.

Other modules / Re: FailOver?
« on: July 14, 2016, 08:16:27 pm »
I actually think it is pretty simple. Had my old Zentyl 4.2 PDC crash last night and started getting calls at 5:30AM.

The biggest problem is dhcp Failover, i have about 30 Reserved ip addresses (timeclocks, printers, NAS). All I had to do was log into the bdc remotely and enable the dhcp module. Withing 5 minutes everyone was back up and running.

I have not tried leaving both DHCP servers up and running, but from windows days, it doesn't seem like a smart idea. ( if using the same scope). I do know that if windows server detected another DHCP server on the network it would shutdown. Not sure about ubuntu and there are some DHCP failover tutorials for 14.04LTS, but i don't really want to start modding my pdc if I can help it. I was thinking of copying all reservations to both pdc and bdc then splitting the scope from a .100-.199 to a .100-.49 and .50-.199. Reservations will always get the same address from both servers and any domain computers would be able to authenticate to their server without issues. I might virtual it up and do a few tests if I ever get a few seconds.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Help with zentyal
« on: July 14, 2016, 07:47:17 pm »
are you replacing and existing server or is this a new install?

 I would venture to guess that the dns is pointing at the wrong server ( should be your Zentyl ) or the machine might have old dns settings from a manually assigned address. Change them to DHCP (You did setup dhcp on the Zentyl server?).

I would make sure you have a fully functioning BDC before anything you suggest.

Once that is done and working, then just install a new version on 14.04LTS

yes that is the proper way to reboot the system.
You should also be able to
Code: [Select]
sudo reboot from ssh if you need to.

with a server that old, i would definitely look at grabbing an old workstation or a Virtual machine and bringing it up as an additional Domain Controller.

Once you have that up , do a few "night time tests" to determine if everything will continue to work once the PDC is down(DHCP will be one that will need to be manually started on the bdc). Once you are sure it will work then you can start trying to play with the memory usage , or replace it with another server. Having a BDC might also help offset some of the load of the PDC and solve your problems.

I had a similar situation trying to join to a windows active directory domain, i thought most of mine was because it was at 2012R2 compatibility level. With 20 users i found it to be easier to dump the 2012 and completely replace the domain with Zentyl, it was a long weekend, but all machines are now logging into Zentyl AD.

Your problem looks like it is just a dns issue, Change the /etc/resolv.conf to include the Active Directory Machine Ip Address and it should work.

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