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News and Announcements / Re: Mail modules available for eBox 1.5!
« on: June 03, 2010, 10:43:38 pm »
I am making the jump to 1.5 on my home server :-)

This is the guide I am following for the Ubuntu server upgrade:

There is a section about "Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Servers (Recommended)" there.

I added the eBox 1.5 ppa first as described here:

But I have a feeling it got disabled during the upgrade. In that case, I will just enable it after restart of the server and do the eBox upgrade. Looking forward to have a "new" server and to be able to participate in bughunting.

I am also looking forward to get the apt cache going on the server! This should really be a part of the standard install of eBox - it REALLY helps when you have more than one Linux system in the house...

I still can not find any guide on how to update from 1.4 to 1.5 - It would be good to give a step-by-step guide for this.

Would it be best to look at it as a straight Ubuntu Server upgrade first and upgrade the base system, then add the repository and do the upgrade of eBox? Or is it better to add the eBox ppa for 1.5 first and then do the whole upgrade?

I appreciate that you do not recommend running 1.5 in a production environment. But if we should have any chance of helping you with 1.5 we need to have it installed. And upgrading is part of this, so we might as well do it and report any problems.

My server here at home is OK to test it on. It will be a bit of work if the installation is borked, but I will manage :-)

So, I'll ask again - what is the best way of upgrading an existing system to 1.5?

In the spirit of helping with bug hunting etc. I would like to upgrade my running home-server to 1.5. And I am sure there are more people out there that would like to do it.

I have searched here and on Google without finding any description on how to upgrade.

I am running the latest stable on my home server right now, but would not mind going to 1.5 as this will allow me to run apt-cacher NG on the server (this SHOULD be a module in eBox! It is one of the most useful tools when you have more than one PC in your network running Linux!) among other things.

What is the best way of upgrading to 1.5 and make sure no settings etc. are lost?

So... Managed to locate an old parallell cable, as my Brother HL-1070 have both parallell and USB connection.

One thing that should be fixed in E-box is that you can NOT switch from USB to parallell. You have to make a completely new printer setup. Maybe this just reflects the technology behind the whole thing, but it is exactly things like this a nice userinterface is supposed to shield us from.

Anyway - setting up the printer, printing a testpage went well. I had a little problem finding out how to get it to work from Kubuntu/KDE, but finally got it done by choosing to give username and password. I was already logged in, but printing would not work unless I added username and password in the stup of the new printer. Also, you have to set it up as a new printer as there is no way to add username and password AFTER a printer has been set up...

This might be a little bug in E-box as well (not accepting the logged in user), but as I got it to work, I am happy with how it is.

If your printer only has USB, I am afraid you are out of luck for now. E-box will not work for you.

Looks very interesting.

Does this also solve the problem I have with users that do not have the correct permissions for their own private shares?

From my laptop, I can mount my private share on the server. But when I try to e.g. make a folder, I am told there is no space left. But when I try to make a folder in a share where I have administrator rights, it is totally ok. No problem at all.

I have only one harddisk in this server and I have used the default partitioning of E-box.

First of all - I do not use E-box as a PDC. We only use a workgroup on our little network to avoid making it more complicated than it has to be as we are mainly using Linux clients on the network.

Clients are typically Kubuntu 9.10.

I have set up several shares and have problems with permissions.

Even the personal shares gives permission problems.

Seems like you need to have administrator rights to be able to write to a share.

Linux have a pretty good permission system. E-box has simplified this to a level where it is less flexible than even Windows XP. Why?

On the personal shares, the user should have administrator permissions.

On other shares, I want to have 755 permissons - anyone with access to the share should be able to at least create files, modify them and delete them as well as creating folders, modifying them and deleting them. If they should be allowed to do this with other peoples files, I would give them administrator permissions.

Is there a simple way to correct this? Do I have to chmod and chown in a terminal to get it right?


Thank you. It actually helps just knowing that. Lookinig forward to the fix. Is parallell port working? If it is, I need to look for a cable...

I know you said ASAP in the ticket, but it might help a bit more to know even a vague timeframe.

Many people here report problems with USB printers, and it is not anything new. We have all been waiting patiently. If we needed urgent support, we would have bought it. But this is not a support issue. It is clearly a bug, and there have been a bug report filed.

The devs are nowhere to be seen. I really hope this is not typical for E-box. If you want the community to contribute, you need to put inn time to be active in the forum. You can not afford to have topics open for weeks without even a comment!

Please prove me wrong on this. E-box is the best initiative I have seen so far in this field. It would be a pity if it died because of poor support.

Absolutely. I don't ever dream of doing a point by point comparison with MS. Just saying that print services is one of the key components of a server like this, along with filesharing.

I am ready to do my share of community support for E-box, but that requires my own box to work first. A blind leading a blind is never a good solution  ;D

I am used to troubleshoot problems in cooperation with support engineers and programmers. So I am more than willing to help out here. I just need someone to play ball with.

And to be precise: This is not about the workaround. This is about getting E-box to work as it should. Yes, I know they probably want to sell support as well. But at this stage, I would not go for E-box in any business as it seems to have too many problems. Support is not something you use for development. Support is something you buy as an insuranse and hope you will never need. If you buy it because you know the product will never be able to work unless you have it, then there is something fundamentally wrong with that product.

Support is not something you buy because you need it, you buy it because you MIGHT need it.

BTW - if there are several critical core issues in E-box right now, it pretty much sums up that it is not ready for use yet. And that is not a bad thing to know. I fully trust that E-box will be a great product in the future. I like the way it look.

I am working on a couple of tutorials, one about the DNS setup. I really like the E-box approach on this point. If you need a straight forward, in-house DNS with caching and DHCP, E-box is all you need!

Although I understand your frustation, I would not classify it as a bug but more as feature request that is to improve set up for printers that are not in the default list.

Eh.. The standard driver for my printer is on the list in E-box. Everything is working correct up to the point where it needs to send it to the printer. The driver is correct etc. So yes, I would classify this as a bug.

But more important - where are the people from E-box? They have not commented on the issue here in the forum. They have not commented on the bugreport.

One of the key functions for a server of this type is to be able to work as a printserver. You can not demand that a customer should buy a new printer. I never got that request from Microsoft when I set up one of their servers. Also, I never got any request from them to use anything else than the standard Windows server system to administrate the printer.

Yes, Linux is not Windows. We are past that :-)

Let's face it - E-box is positioned to be a competitor to a small Windows server. And it needs to be able to deliver on this. The customer needs to be able to control the printer from the E-box interface. A printer should not only be set up. It has to be managed by the people running the server on a daily basis.

So why someone has not engaged in this thread yet, is beyond my understanding.

My situation is: I can control every aspect of the printer from the E-box interface. It works! I can print to it from another PC. I see the jobs in the que in the E-box interface. I can delete the job from the que if I want. The only problem is that it is not coming out of the printer. It remains in the que.So my guess is that the bug is in where E-box is routing the job. Or how it connects to the printer. And this is a bug.

I added this bugreport:

Please go there and add your comments to it. Keep the comments very factual - yelling and kicking does not get us anywhere.

Add information about your printerport, your printer etc.

A bug is never a bug if it is only one person that get this behaviour (not always true, but you get the meaning...). So add your voice to the choir :-)

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Lack of documentation - DNS setup
« on: February 18, 2010, 06:20:01 am »
      Is you ebox visible from outside your local LAN?  if so what did you do to accomplish that?  I have been complaining about better documentation of what has to be done exclusive of configuring ebox to get these services running correctly.


No, it is not visible from the outside. I have made a decision not to expose it to the outside world. There are several reasons for this, but it all comes down to security.

First of all - I would never consider using E-box as a firewall. there are other distros that are far more specialized for that and it will keep sensitive data away from the firewall. If you need a firewall, check pfSense. Or if you want a really easy one, check Smoothwall.

Second - if I need a server on my local net to be visible from the outside, I would set it up on a DMZ - separate physical network and IP range.

If you want to be able to use your local address ( to be reachable from the internet, you would have to open up for communication between your DNS and the rest of the world. There are a lot of problems in such a scenario, so the easiest way to handle it would be to use a dynamic DNS and enter the details for this in the firewall. If you need any more info about this, I'll try to help as good as I can.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Lack of documentation - DNS setup
« on: February 18, 2010, 06:10:21 am »

Saw your post. And its exactly what i´m trying to do. Can you tell me more about how you did it?

Thanks for taking your time.


I will make a small tutorial for this. Hope you have time to wait a little for it. I might end up doing a screencast for it as well.

Exactly - so I will try to report it as a bug then. I'll get back with more information here as soon as I have. Hope you are able to follow up on that :-)

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