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Installation and Upgrades / Re: Zentyal AD password delegation issue
« on: February 02, 2016, 01:38:07 am »
Try creating a user named something you'll remember but likely never use for an actual user account - like "ADAdmin" on your Zentyal box.  Make sure this user is part of the "Domain Admins" group.
If you have PAM enabled cool, just jump into a terminal and add the user to some groups, if not make that a local user on the Zentyal box via:
sudo useradd ADAdmin
Now add it to the root, ebox, www-data and any other groups you like:
sudo usermod -a -G root ADAdmin
usermod -a -G ebox ADAdmin
usermod -a -G www-data ADAdmin
There are a couple of other groups that are handy, I'm not at a point where I can dig everything up though.  Anyways go into your Windows server and move that user way up the domain tree and then give it a go.
I think in the Zentyal Users and Computers>Manage page there's a Schema Admins group too - maybe just add it in there and see what happens.
Personally I just slapped RSAT on my Windows 10 PC and it seems to work just fine.
Oh, almost forgot, you may need to add that user (ADAdmin) onto your Windows server as a local user and then make it a member of everything you want to from there.  I honestly can't remember how exactly I did something really similar but that's enough to get you going on the right path I think.
I'll keep checking back and if I come across my old notes I'll drop a line in here about it.
Hope this is helpful!

Email and Groupware / Re: The connection to the server was interrupted
« on: February 01, 2016, 09:33:45 pm »
open up a terminal and cd into /var/log

Look at all of the millions of log entries there... 

You should also check to make sure the ports for POP and POPS are opened on your firewall.  Also go into the web GUI and in Mail>General make sure the POP connections are enabled.

Finally I'd suggest just going into Mail>Openchange and downloading the CA Cert. then installing it  on the PC with Outlook  under the Trusted Root CA container.

Also keep in mind that when authenticating via POP and IMAP you're supposed to use the whole email address as opposed to using MAPI and only username.
So would use john.doe for MAPI authentication and for IMAP/POP auth.

Holy cow I think I fixed it!!!!
If anyone on Zentyal 4.2 is having Samba 4 crash issues just try changing all of the user passwords...  Seriously it's working for me now!!!
I came across an old Samba crash thread on an old Apache forum and the solution/work around was to set all users to "require password change at next login" via RSAT.  I wasn't inside the LAN when I read that so I decided to try just changing my own password to see what happens.  Samba actually just didn't crash...
I changed my password back to what it originally was and still no smashy-crashy action.
I've now changed all users passwords, then changed them back (to make it seamless for them) and for the past couple of hours I've been importing PSTs, connecting, sending and receiving messages just like it's supposed to do.
After exhaustive searching and pouring over billions of forum posts, my own notes, scouring log after log after log - it was just a change the password thing LoL.
Still going forward with the commercial edition of Zentyal, but I'm going to keep moving forward with the beta forum too.
Hope someone finds this and it works for them before they lose as much hair as I did LoL.
Thanks to everyone who's put some input into this one and thrown whatever idea at me they could come up with.

3 out of 4 of my Zentyal 4 servers I am running right now work flawlessly as PDC with mail and groupware.
One thing that you ned to do after getting everything all up and running is open a terminal and install Sogo ActiveSync:
sudo apt-get install sogo-activesync

Then go into your Zentyal Admin Panel and navigate to Mail > Openchange and check the ActiveSync box.  After that is all done then your Android, IOS and Windows Phone devices will all work flawlessly too!
No clue on why that package isn't just installed automatically though.

Well I have a few Zentyal 4.2 community edition servers up and running without issue actually.  I've even got one running multiple domains with autodiscover working flawlessly.  Shared calendars and shared contacts works just as expected, but this particular deployment has thrown some curve balls my way.
The commercial edition of Zentyal comes with support so I would not be posting in here if I was on the commercial edition - I'm actually talking to Heidi at Zentyal and am going to purchase a full commercial server next week though.
These here forums are meant for the beta community to help one another out and for the most part it works rather well.  I'm just stuck on this issue and I don't want to just hit the reset button on it, I want to learn more about the inner-workings of Zentyal.  In the future it's always handy to know as much as possible whether it's the community or commercial version.
Anyways I've figured out a few new things about this issue but still can't seem to get whatever little bugger is causing my headache.
I've submitted a TON of Samba, Openchange and Sogo crash reports but it's all just the same "this is a duplicate of" message I get.  The bug tracker doesn't have much info in it either so I'm about ready to just give it the old "start all over" try.
Anyone at Zentyal want to drop some suggestions in here I'd be super thankful btw, thanks all.

Hi All,
I have been very successfully running a 4.2 test server in a tiny test environment for months now.  We finally decided to "up the bet" and put our small organization on a full fledged Zentyal 4.2 server.  I've had a TON of Samba crashes, looks like after the most recent updates that's all worked itself out though.  Openchange was crashing here and there and again, updates fixed it (I think LoL).
Sogo has dropped out on us a few times too but I'm pretty sure that's because Outlook clients can't connect to the Openchange server so everyone's beating up ActiveSync.  Yeah, I know that's wrong, I really don't need that lecture, but it's driving me bonkers now.
I've gone through all kinds of stub files and config files on the currently in use server and the test server and haven't been able to find the culprit.  I've been neck deep in the logs (/var/logs/samba, /var/logs/apache2, /var/logs/ocsmanager, etc.) and haven't found much of anything.  There is on occasion a samba.log entry about user isn't mailbox owner, but in checking all of the permissions it all looks correct.
So now I'm at the point where I can connect Outlook 2013 and it says it's connected, I can even send messages.  I cannot receive them in Outlook though.  In addition I cannot really do much in the way of deleting messages, moving things to different folders or anything other than sending new messages.
The whole time outlook says it's connected and whatever folder I go into says it's synced, but it's not really working.
Anyone have any kind of clue on what I can do?  I kind of want to uninstall and reinstall Openchange but I know that usually goes over like a led balloon so I was hoping someone could hook me up with some knowledge here.
Thanks in advance!

When you say you're installing the certs are you just letting the wizard handle everything or are you installing them to the Trusted Root CA?
Also, it's actually just the Root CA that you need to install.  Go into your Zentyal WebAdmin then browse to Mail>Openchange, on there is a big button to download your certs.  That's it, just that single crt will do it.  Keep in mind it has to be installed to the local user (default for cert installer on Windows) and it has to be installed to the Trusted Rooc CA's (not default, pick choose > Browse > Trusted Root CA) you may be warned about installing an untrusted ssl cert as a trusted Root, yes you want to do that since it's your own cert.
Anyways, glad to hear you got it up and running, keep on reading the Wiki and Zentyal Documentation and you'll keep figuring more out.  Never mind the trolls who keep coming in the forums complaining about this free, beta test software not working as they expect.  As we are beta testing new, cutting or bleeding edge solutions for Zentyal they are letting us use a fully functional, super solid server product at not cost.  Microsoft NEVER does that, I know because I've been a certified partner for 20 years now.  I'm also a MOS Master III, a SBS MVP and blah blah blah, they never gave me much more than a few versions of Office for free and it wasn't even the Pro Plus LoL.
Keep up the good work and I hope you get things dialed in soon.

Email and Groupware / Re: Openchange crashes
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:32:26 pm »
Did you ever get this figured out?  I just went through a very similar situation and honestly I can't say whether it's 100% fixed yet or not.  I can say that it's taking longer than it was to crash but I'm not going to call it fixed for 24 hours or so.
I'm using 3rd party SSL so I had to make the file /etc/Zentyal/stubs/openchange/apach-ocsmanager.conf.mas from the original stub at usr/share/Zentyal/stubs/openchange/apache-ocsmanager.conf.mas which I've done nearly a billion times now.
For some stupid reason that stub file will not work though.  I had to make a backup of the original stub and move my modified copy back into the /usr/share/Zentyal/stubs/openchange directory.
Maybe that's what's going on with your server too.  Hopefully you've already got it fixed though!

Email and Groupware / Re: Zentyal 4+ and syncing contacts/calendars
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:24:16 pm »
Well that's interesting news, for the record you should create the folder /etc/Zentyal/stubs/<whatever madule> and then copy the .mas file into it. 
/usr/share/Zentyal/stubs can be wipred when upgrading Zentyal, even minor upgrades like 4.0 -4.2.  The /etc/Zentyal/stubs is a means of keeping original configuration files in tact and keeping your customized ones from being destroyed when upgrading.
Beyond that I found out MAPI loves port 135, so I just opened that up in the old firewall and did some port forwarding and it's working like a champ now!
I'm going to dig a little deeper into what you've posted though and see if I can figure something more substantial out now.  Thanks a million for the info.

Allow me to blow your mind right now...
Turns out you need to go into Mail > Openchange and UNCHECK the box for Autodiscover.  Even better you need to delete your TLD from Zentyal DNS.
I LITERALLY just stayed up all night long figuring that out.  Like seriously, I have been here for nearly 24 hours and I just figured that out!
So leave your TLD in Virtual Domains and leave the webmail and Outlook Anywhere boses checked.  The problem is that when you add your outside domain into your local Zentyal DNS then it routes traffic into itself thusly making it's own certificates invalid.
It's called a hair pin turn - DNS servers don't really like doing that.
Oh, yeah almost forgot to mention that the Autodiscover record is already and always created inside Zentyal - it doesn't go away.  You will have to go to your hosting control panel from your ISP or registrar or wherever and create a subdomain "" - it's important to use "A" instead of "a" for "Autodiscover" in that subdomain by the way.
If you want to get some trusted SSL certs installed and not mess with the self signed stuff I wrote a post on it.  I'm seriously too tired to go looking for it, but there's also a Zentyal Without Tears document I made and put up in these here forums too.
Good luck and enjoy!

Welcome to the neighborhood :)
Your server "should" just send mail out of the box.  You maybe need to add your domain into the virtual email domains though.  When you originally set your server up you set a domain (local like Zentyal.lan) and a default email domain.  If you left it all stock then you have only the local domain, so all of the users would have email addresses like "john.doe@zentyal.lan" or something.
So let's say you bought the domain "", if you login to the admin panel and click on Mail > Virtual Domains then you can add your "" domain into it.  After that you have 2 options for configuration.
1.  Give all of the users an "alias" for sending/receiving public emails
2.  Delete each users existing email address - BEWARE this will delete everything in their mailboxes.
To do either go into Users and Computers > Manage and click on each user.  You'll see their email address right there for changing if that's the route you want to go.  Underneath the "Change" button you'll see "Modules Configuration" and a link for something like "Mail Account Settings" (not sure what exactly that one says) but you can click to expand it.  You'll then see the section to add an alias, type it in and click the + button.
There is a possibility that your ISP is blocking port 25 as well.  They just do that a lot these days.  If you've already put your top level domain into the virtual domains and it isn't delivering mail outside of your office then I'd guess that is the culprit right there.
Finally, if you're using a router/firewall device to connect the server to the internet you'll have to do some port forwarding to your server.  Make sure the router is directing the following ports to your servers IP address:
1.  MAPI - 135
2.  SMTP - 25
3. HTTPS - 443
4.  HTTP - 80
If none of that works for you come post back and I'll try and get back to you on it.

Directory and Authentication / Re: Unable to create usere in zentyal 4.2
« on: January 06, 2016, 12:49:00 am »
Ugh that is *****d up, I hate it when stuff like that happens!!!!!! I apologize for not having the actual solution, but I can hopefully help get it narrowed down.
Make sure Apache, Openchange and Samba are all running and happy.  Usually it's one of those 3 culprits so I do the following in a terminal:
$ sudo service apache2 restart
$ sudo service Zentyal openchange restart
$ sudo service samba4 restart

Not sure if it's samba4 OR Zentyal filesharing to be 100% honest but you'll get it figured out.

If you've made any custom virtual host files for Apache or any custom Stub files you'll likely get an error that points to the precise line of trouble code that you can go fix post haste.
There's also a possibility of PAM being the culprit here.  since enabling PAM creates a local user account there could have been some mixup in that area.
I'd look to see which users exist on the domain AND on the server as local users too, just in case.
Finally, make sure you've got the latest and greatest updates for 4.2 - I'm on the whole bleeding edge here and it's running like a top.  Sometimes the upgrade is just a jumping off point for getting some new updates.

Your network module isn't working - likely you've got a couple of NIC cards and you're trying to force them all onto the same schema for some reason.
OR you've created network objects that are causing a conflict inside your LAN for whatever reason.
I'll bet that if you go into your Admin GUI and patiently, thoroughly go through each setting one by one you'll find something REALLY stupid.  I can almost guarantee you because something REALLY stupid just left me scratching my head a bit back LoL.
As for the kernel issue and not being able to install it's likely something to do with the messed up Network Module too - I'd try going through the Interfaces, Gateways, Objects and everything else to find whatever goofy thing is screwing it up, then I'd kill all of my Zentyal services BUT leave the box running and go through the following a few times:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -f install
sudo apt-get autoclean

Those commands in some seemingly random order will get that all cleared up for you.  The cool thing about Zentyal is there's usually a pretty simple solution to almost any problem.  It's really a different animal from a regular Linux server LoL.

Installation and Upgrades / Zentyal 4+ Without Tears
« on: December 12, 2015, 09:42:32 pm »
I made a guide based on my own notes and experience to help newbies.  This is all me, the Zentyal organization has nothing to do with it, I'm just trying to give a little help where I can.
Check it out and feel free to fix it up if you find something wrong.

Yeah I'm digging up old threads but this seems to be the most common and least documented thing on the f*ckn planet!
So I have a Zentyal box using it's own static IP with no router/firewall in the way.  I have all of the firewall settings on "Allow anything" and I still can't sync contacts if my life depended on it.
So what exactly did you do in which possible firewall to fix the issue?
If you're still around these here forums and you have some time some more detail would be super great.  I'm working on whipping something up to help people figure this one out since the Zentyal dev gang just kind of rebrands all of their docs since 3.4 anymore.  It's a good product just not so great on the support or documentation anymore.

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