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Other modules / Cannot get Zentyal 7.0.4 DNS to function correctly
« on: December 30, 2021, 04:22:32 pm »
Hi all, I currently have a Three 5G Modem connected to an Ubiguiti ERX-SFP Edgerouter, from here I have configured separate VLAN's going out on fibre to various gigabit switches for NAS units, Wi-Fi, Smart TV's, PC's e.t.c.

I also have two Zentyal servers (Primary & Secondary) configured on this network as domain controllers and also the DNS module installed (no Windows servers on the network at all).

The issue that I am having is regarding DNS, I can reach and resolve anything on the internet absolutely fine from any device on the network, but the internal addresses don't seem to be resolving correctly. I recently changed a NAS address from to but using the ping command on a PC against the hostname brings up a failure showing the old IP address, an nslookup against the hostname shows the old IP address and an nslookup against the new IP address results in *** can't find Non-existent domain. This is even after rebooting everything on the network.

This is just one example as there are many devices that are doing this currently on the network. On all the network devices I have set the IP address of the Zentyal Primary server as their DNS server then on both of the Zentyal servers, I have setup the DNS forwarder with the 5G modems IP address.

Clearly I am doing something wrong here, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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