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Hello Community!

This is my first time using Zentyal. I am using the 5.x community/developer edition. As the subject states, I am experiencing two issues presently.

I am using the Samba as Domain Controller option.

1) After trying to enable the Dynamic DNS feature in the DHCP module, I get an error about the DNS server not updating the config (paraphrasing as I am not at home presently). I go back to look at the configuration, and it seems it is enabled (both in the DHCP section and the DNS section), but no DHPC clients are getting their hostname updated on the Zentyal server.

2) I do not see anywhere in the Zentyal server to enable or configure reverse DNS. I used RSAT on a Win7Pro PC to connect to Zentyal DNS server and do not even see a Reverse Zone created. Did I miss a step?

Any logs and/or screenshots that I can provide to help you, help me, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.

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