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Other modules / Re: Proxy Very Spotty
« on: December 30, 2021, 06:07:10 pm »
OK, I noticed that it is blocking from my phone consistently, at this point. I will go back through the settings, I wonder if I somehow hit a setting that is allowing either my laptop, a domain member, or my account, a domain admin account, through the proxy?? I will play with it over the weekend, and see. The forums here seem pretty quite, and this is supposed to be the support for the community/development edition. I think I will leave one Zentyal server in place for right now, the gateway, and remove the other one, and give NethServer a try too?? I am afraid that if I run into issues, that any support I might need might not be available, and I would want that if I am going to put it in production environments.

Other modules / Proxy Very Spotty
« on: December 29, 2021, 02:45:11 pm »
Hi, I set up Zentyal 7, on a proxmox vm. I set it up as a gateway, and configured everything, and it was working. Then someone needed me to open for some downloads for their phone. I made the exclusions, and they work fine, but now it seems that the proxy is very spotty in general. It might work once, then will not block anything on the block list for a few days, and might never on all computers?? I find this very strange behavior, but like I said this is a test run before I consider putting it in clients production environments, and really my first time setting this OS up to this extent. It is also running as an AD controller, firewall, proxy, filtering device. I plan to set up the mail function, if I can get everything to work right, and I decide this is the OS to start pushing to my clients. Thanks!!

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