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Title: Separate Mail Server
Post by: Zentyal_Noob on March 24, 2016, 05:09:27 pm
Hello everyone,

So I am new to Zentyal and I am trying to test Zentyal 4.2 in a test environment before upgrading one my smaller client's servers in the next couple of months. My first test was installing Zentyal as a VM on XenServer with all of the modules included. This worked great right off the bat. I set up multiple users, folders, groups and multi-layered permissions. I connected several computers to the network and when I would configure Outlook 2013 for a new user, it would automatically detect their e-mails and connect them to the server. Then I had no issues transferring contacts, mail, calendar information, etc. I was very pleased with it.

          I don't want my e-mail to be with my main domain controller, I want it to be a separate server. However, I have just a hit a brick wall with trying to sync my new additional domain controller with my main DC. I have gotten as far as establishing a communication to where my ADC will sync all of my users from the DC, but even then it only does it when I first establish the communication and won't automatically sync changes to the user tree after that. So that is my first struggle.
         The main issue though is even when I had the two servers synced, and I have the mail and OpenChange modules running on my ADC, its as if it is doing nothing. No longer can my clients connect to the mail server. I was under the impression that keeping the mail server separate from the DC was a standard practice but I am finding surprisingly little information on how to handle this setup or if it would even be stable with Zentyal, and it is making me nervous to go down this road. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction for a walk through, or explain which modules need to be on which server, that would be amazing. Thanks
Title: Re: Separate Mail Server
Post by: Zentyal_Noob on March 28, 2016, 11:55:48 pm
Nothing huh? Great forum. Even a simple "no, zentyal isn't optimized for that" would do.
Title: Re: Separate Mail Server
Post by: gabriel.gheorghiu@abt.ro on March 29, 2016, 08:50:51 am

If you want to use Zentyal only as Email server, you need to install it on a separate HW (VM).
I use Zentyal as multi domain email server, placed in DMZ, without connection with LAN (DC, AD, ...).

At "Initial setup", you must chose only: "Mail and Groupware", "Antivirus" and "Mail Filter" (if you don't have on the main router or UTM). Zentyal will install additional components/modules according this choice.