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Other modules / Re: Enabling IDS/IPS stops internet on interface
« Last post by gabor.strama on November 14, 2023, 04:21:47 pm »

Somebody can help in this case?
I tried to install on a clean install, same result.
I not installed anything only suricata and same result.

Russian / Не работает VPN (Zentyal 7.0)
« Last post by IIS on November 13, 2023, 11:44:14 am »
Столкнулся с такой проблемой: Установил Zentyal 7.0 , Настроил VPN сервер, пытаюсь подключиться из вне получаю ошибку по тайм ауту. Глушу брандмауэр на зенчале подключение проходит.
пробовал и удалять брандмауэр и vpn  настраивал все заново ситуация не меняется. Ради эксперимента установил на другой винт Zentyal 5.0 все заработало сразу "из коробки". Переустанавливать 7.0 с пошаговой настройкой не вариант (Поднят домен + Шары с хитрым доступом)
Переустановка с загрузкой сохраненной конфигурации приводит к том уже результату.
Проблема в брандмауэр но как его поправить не пойму.
И что самое интересное если через оснастку в брандмауэр добавить доступ допустим к ssh или ftp то доступ работает. (А включение отключение модуля VPN ни к чему не приводит)
Есть мысли по данному поводу?

Hi Daniel,

sorry for the late answer (business trip): no changes - same behavior as before. ???

Best Regards,


Hi Lars,

Can you send an email to I would like to analyze this behavior using the official support platform.

Best regards, Daniel Joven.
Installation and Upgrades / Re: PPPoE with static IP
« Last post by foeke on November 07, 2023, 10:25:46 am »
But not in this case. Not when It is a fixed IP from a range. It might not be common. But it is also not strange.
My previous serverOS (CENTOS based) had the inputfields when choosing PPPoE.

So, not possible?
Installation and Upgrades / Re: Zentyal will not add default gateway from dhcp
« Last post by sangamc on November 06, 2023, 10:03:31 pm »
Can confirm in 2023 this is still an issue. I inevitably configure Domain controller so the server ends up with static, but it is super annoying when preparing a server and I hve to keep walking over and manually entering a gateway
Hi Daniel,

sorry for the late answer (business trip): no changes - same behavior as before. ???

Best Regards,

Installation and Upgrades / Re: PPPoE with static IP
« Last post by Siroco on November 03, 2023, 01:16:00 pm »

Usually, in PPPoE connections, the IP and gateway is provided by your ISP when you connect using your username and password.

Best regards.
Dear Zentyal

Please tell me where i find the logs of the users who has been deleted and added in Zentyal AD

Directory and Authentication / random filesharing behaviour
« Last post by foeke on October 29, 2023, 11:20:52 am »
I am installing a 7.1 Zentyal server as DC and gateway. About 30 users en a dozen shares. The clients are all freshly installed updated Win 10 pro.
I first configured the groups and then assigned the users to the groups and the groups to the shares.
This normally is pretty straight forward.
But now I have the weirdest behavior that some clients can't access the shares, even if I assign them to the user.
It seems so random. It is user related as far as I can find. (same computer, logged in on a different account can access said share, same user on an other computer still can't access the share. But since it is so random, it might be a coincidence) )
So the clients are joining the domain just fine (except one account that could log in, but after login got the message the user couldn't be logged in properly and should try to log out and in again).
They see the server and the shares but when I open them, you get the popup for other credentials, or Windows can't even find the share anymore but it is still in the list on the client.
I made some shares again in an other name, and that worked most of the times. Some shares just work as expected.
So one user can open the share, some don't. Even thought the accounts are set up exactly the same as far as I can tell.
Some possible red herrings
1. Under windows the shares seem about 90Gb even though I installed the server on a 8Tb disk and I choose "use whole disk".
2. During the install I wanted to make a share with guest access then I got the message I needed to enable the guest user.
Then I went to said guest user, and the disable option was marked but greyed out.
I went back to the share to disable the guest access, but the share still has guest access and I still see the message that I need to enable the guestuser.

I don't even know where I should start looking.
Is there some maximum amount of users to a share?
And what is supposed to happen when you have the default 500Mb limit and want to access a 7Gb share?
Any feedback where I should start would help.
Thanks in advance.
Installation and Upgrades / PPPoE with static IP
« Last post by foeke on October 28, 2023, 02:51:57 pm »
I wanted to replace a server with a zentyal one. The internet connection is over PPPoE but it doen not have DHCP.
How would I set the static IP and subnet/gateway in the PPPoE connection?
Cheers, Foeke
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