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I'm a newbie, for testing&learning I've installed Zentyal in VirtualBox, located in Windows Server 2012 machine that we are using for WSUS.
The main server, with DNS and Active Directory is on another machine. I followed the steps to create another domain controller, in particular:
- networking in VB set to bridged
- add forwarders to DNS in zentyal

within zentyal machine I can ping and nslookup zentyal-domain.lan
But the client windows10 machine cannot nslookup zentyal-domain.lan,
 it can ping the ip of zentyal, with putty I can connect to zentyal machine.
See the figure attached

the link of the image is or
What can I do?
[Please note that trying to attach a png of 3k gives upload folder full, and inserting an image didn't show the link]

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