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Installation and Upgrades / Re: Loopia DNS
« on: May 30, 2013, 05:41:29 pm »
I can't offer much help, but since no one has responded, I did find this:

I hope this is helpful.

Man, the documentation for adding an additional domain controller needs to be more thorough to address more problems that an administrator may encounter.

For example, when setting up an additional domain controller, it will fail to replicate due to the fact that there is already an Administrator account on the new server you're trying to add as a an additional domain controller. It will give you an error saying that /home/administrator already exists.

Now it does tell you to remove it, but that is something you're apprehensive to actually do. To remove that folder I had to create a root password like this:
sudo passwd root

Then, I had to elevate my account to root using this command:

Then I navigated to the home directory:
cd /home

Then I removed the Administrator folder:
rm -rf Administrator

After this, I restarted file sharing on the primary domain controller, and then on my additional domain controller.

After all this, replication between the two finally occurred.

Are there any negative ramifications to the way I've done this?

If not, we really ought to address these steps in the official documentation.

I've just watched this video, where the presenter shows how to add an additional domain controller:

I've tried every username/password credential that exists on my primary Zentyal domain controller for this form and the credentials fail. Sometime the credential won't fail, but it says cannot create user because the home folder for that user already exists.

Please advise!

Installation and Upgrades / Re: DNS Slow to Resolve
« on: May 29, 2013, 11:00:01 am »
I figured it out. Zentyal itself, was not slow, it was just that I didn't have any forwarders added to dns. After adding these 4 forwarders, DNS became lightning fast:


If you don't add forwarders to your DNS, Zentyal will resolve DNS straight from the Root servers ( see: ) which are slower than the forwarders above (in my area).

You were right about having to change permissions on those files I moved. Especially for the Windows XP workstations. In Windows 7, it comes with an Easy Transfer tool, that you can find by typing "easy" in the Windows start menu.

I'm going to check out ForensiT, it claims to do this for Windows XP also. Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: DNS Slow to Resolve
« on: May 28, 2013, 02:53:02 pm »
I'm using the latest stable version, installed last week. Using namebench, I determined some stats for my Zentyal DNS Lookups times.

After 100 queries these were my lookup times:

Code: [Select]
avg: 1308.68 ms
 min: 3.0 ms
max: 3500.0 ms

Compare this with the stats when using OpenDNS from the same network:

Code: [Select]
avg: 57.30 ms
 min: 12.6 ms
max: 409.1 ms

That's too bad. It would be awesome if windows would prompt you upon first login, and ask you to select your already existing profile, yet I understand this is not practical from a security perspective. I can't expect Zentyal to make windows do something that Windows can't even make windows do: Had I created a new domain controller using windows, I would have likely experience this same issue of having to move files to new user folders.

BTW, check this out, Zentyal made Geek Software of the Week on the Dr. Bill show:

That's pretty cool!

2 days ago, I downloaded and installed Zentyal 32bit from

Then I joined several windows workstations and servers to my new Zentyal domain controller.

One issue, that I solved the hard way was this:

Each time I would log into a windows workstation (using that user's credentials from the account I added to Zentyal), it would prepare a new desktop for them, instead of using their already-existing local user profile. It created a new user folder on that workstation instead of using the one they previously used when logging in via the previous domain controller (windows 2003 active directory).

Because of this, I had to move all there files from their old local-user-folder to the new one created by logging through Zentyal's domain controller. It was very time consuming to do this for 20 workstations.

So, next time, is there a way I could have easily logged into their workstation and made Zentyal's domain controller allow them to consume their already existing local user folder?

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