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Resolved.Everything below was done on client:

1) installed pbis-open

2) added into /etc/network/interfaces
Code: [Select]
dns-domain di.lan
dns-search di.lan

3) used this command
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sudo domainjoin-cli join --disable ssh DI.LAN login@DI.LAN

I am trying to connect Linux Mint 17.3 client to Zentyal 5.0 Development Ed by going through this guide . But i got stuck on the kinit Administrator procedure, i'm getting kinit: krb5_get_init_creds: unable to reach any kdc in realm error.

Client configs:

Server & Client can ping internet, so i guess DNS is working properly:

Also Kerberos port on Server is open to Client:

Do i need to introduce more info for community to get help?

UPD: Win users easily entering domain!

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