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Other modules / [SOLVED] DNS - user problem - restart
« on: February 08, 2019, 10:05:33 am »
This is the situation:

Installed Zentyal 6 as main domain controller SRV01
Installed Zentyal 6 on another machine as domain member SRV03
After installing domain memeber SRV03, restarting the DNS module on SRV01 from the web gui, yields error.

Error is:
Code: [Select]
2019/02/08 07:40:13 ERROR> EBox::Sudo::_rootError - root command nsupdate -g -t 10 /var/lib/zentyal/tmp/fP_eCW54tO failed.
2019/02/08 07:40:13 ERROR> EBox::Module::Service::restartService - Error restarting service: root command nsupdate -g -t 10 /var/lib/zentyal/tmp/fP_eCW54tO failed.
Error output: tkey query failed: GSSAPI error: Major = Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Minor = No Kerberos credentials available (default cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_0).

Changes to DNS are saved and visible on web gui, but not really saved to DNS server.

On SRV01 "samba-tool user list" shows "dns-srv01" dissappeared, but "dns-SRV03" exists!
On SRV03 "samba-tool user list" shows "dns-SRV03" exists.

Tried to create user "dns-srv01" on SRV01 and add it to "DnsAdmins" group with no luck, but error is different:
Code: [Select]
2019/02/08 09:24:08 ERROR> EBox::Module::Service::restartService - root command kinit -k -t /var/lib/samba/private/dns.keytab dns-srv01 failed.
2019/02/08 09:24:08 ERROR> EBox::SysInfo::CGI::RestartService::_process - Restart of DNS from dashboard failed: root command kinit -k -t /var/lib/samba/private/dns.keytab dns-srv01 failed.
Error output: kinit: Password incorrect


Just installed my first Zentyal 6, after many years using previous versions.

First login of users (profile creation) from Windows 10 takes more than 10 minutes.  Logins after use up to 2-3 minutes.

Any user/permission related action is very slow (like 2-3 minutes.  For example, delete an admin installed shortcut in the desktop from a non admin account.  It takes ages to ask for an admin account.

Any clues? Thanks

Since sunday, when I upgraded TWO servers modules "Domain controller and file sharing" to version 4.2.3 i'm getting mails to the root account every couple of minutes with contents like this, on both servers:

Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/UID2SID/3000002
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-21-4072495981-2812427868-577415633-1104
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-18
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-21-4072495981-2812427868-577415633-512
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-32-544
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/GID2SID/2512
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-21-4072495981-2812427868-577415633-1126
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/UID2SID/2502
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-21-4072495981-2812427868-577415633-500
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/UID2SID/2500
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/SID2XID/S-1-5-21-4072495981-2812427868-577415633-513
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/GID2SID/2513
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/GID2SID/3000002
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/GID2SID/3126
Couldn't delete entry! key = IDMAP/GID2SID/4

It says is coming from "/usr/bin/net cache flush" cron job

Info is different every time...

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