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So are you running version 6.1 or 7.0?

Hi there spott

Any advance on this?
I can confirm there is an issue with acl permissions in Zentyal.
I am facing a very similar problem here.

Everytime I want to set an acl, I need to do it twice in order to make it effective.

For example:
There is a folder called "drivers" in my samba share and only "IT" group have RW access to it.
If I want to add RW access to "developers" group through Zentyal's webgui, I need to:
1 - set my new acl
2 - save new settings (orange button)
3 - remove my new acl
4 - save new settings
5 - set my new acl AGAIN
6 - save new settings

Now it works.
I tested this in Zentyal 7 and 6.2
Even when installing it out of the box.
I believe there is a bug or something...

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