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My installation woes continue....

Once the inital configuration is complete the save process gets stuck at 100% ( saving webmin ).

If I open another browser tab and point toi localhost:8443 the dashboard comes up fine but there is a save changes button active in the top right of the toolbar. If i click this it wil again get stuck at 100% when saving webmin and i can't clear the popup and this save button will continue to appear even if i refresh.

Evrything else appears to be working - creating users etc.

Any ideas ?

Any help or pointers appreciated.


Been mucking around getting a zentyal AD and fileserver running and managed to finaly understand everything to the point I wanted to do an actaul install.

So i attempted a re-install ( from USB Menory Stick ) and now after the first reboot the process hangs with the browser unable to connect to localhost.

I tried an different computer name as I thought it could be related to DHCP and i also tried a different NIC but I keep getting the same problem.

I've tried reinstalling 5 times now and keep getting stopped by thsi same problem.

Any ideas ?

Any help appreciated


Directory and Authentication / Users can't access shares.
« on: September 20, 2022, 11:18:58 am »

I've installed Zentyal on real hardware as an A/D master and all went well.

The hardware has 2 disks, I set up the second disk to used as storage for shares only.

I created shares,users and groups through the web front end. ( home shares are on the main disk as I haven't found a way to set the second disk as the default yet )

After I set up both windows 10 (pro) and windows 11 (pro) client as per the instructions i can login as a user and see shares but can't access them - I assumed at first it was a permissions issue as I have shares set up on a different drive, but even after changing permissiosn on the directories I cannot access them.

It's the same for the user directories which Zentyal set up upon user creation.

Any pointers ?

Also can i change the default system path for creation of shares/directories ?

Any help appreciated.


Hi all,

First post so be gentle :)

I'm a little old scholl and like to have certain services on seperate machines, so for example i like my network firewall on one machine, then behind this i have email on another and the file server on a third.

This is purely for redundancy and is a personal choice ( cos i'm a bit paranoid ). :)

So being new to Zentyal ( but not linux ), the question is where do I install the network control functions dhcp dns etc ( I presume on the firewall ) and where do i install the user controll functions.

Anyone got any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

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