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That's indeed what happens, restarting the server or the CUPS service sets everything back to default.
It seems as though a permanent fix to this may be available soon.

Please guys, if only someone could explain me what the right method is to share a printer under Zentyal, do you use Samba or is it done through CUPS?
The uncomfortable answer is that it can be both.

The way I picture this is:
  • CUPS sets up a print server
  • The print server is made available via Share printers connected to this system
  • A print queue for the physical printer is set up within CUPS
  • The print queue is published via Share this printer
  • If uncontrolled access to the printer is required, providing the LAN workstation is set-up accordingly both Linux and XP can use the printer at this point
  • If access to a printer is to be controlled, the print queue is not published via Share this printer, it is made available via Samba and set-up accordingly in the LAN workstation

I have used both methods but now rarely use Windows workstations, mainly Linux, so some of this is by recollection and my memory may be fallible.

I have used the document you mention:
and find it to work OK.  Might you have made a slip somewhere when following it or might your system have a more fundamental problem?

I summary CUPS is always required, a print server is shared, a print queue might be shared, Samba controls access, workstations set-up accordingly.

Hope that helps.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Adding a Printer to a User
« on: June 03, 2011, 05:56:28 pm »
I have the same problem on core version 2.0.20, Printer Sharing 2.0.3.
https://server_name/ebox/Samba/ActivePrinting leads to a blank page.
Does anybody faced this problem?
This guide may help:

I think the address you are trying to contact is no longer valid.  Try opening the CUPS interface from the Zentyal interface:
Printer Sharing-->CUPS Web interface 
Directly via a browser: http://localhost:631

Hi Escorpiom,

When you access the CUPS web interface (either via Zentyal or directly) and make a change such as Allow remote administration and press the Change settings button the changes are saved at a CUPS level only.

If you restart the Zentyal printing service from the main dashboard page (or do something like rebooting the machine) then everything is restarted and the configuration is reset to the default values in  /usr/share/ebox/stubs/cupsd/cupsd.conf.mas (if my memory is to be trusted).

Might this account for some of the symptoms you see?

The devs have provided a way of making changes to avoid editing such a template file:
I'm not sure how well suited it might be to your issues.

I am unable to comment on the contents of the logs but make more generalized observations.

If the original attempted installation failed due to hardware or driver based issues, (as mentioned in posts #4 and #9) it may occur again at the next attempt.

If the problem is some form of corruption, it may be easier and more reliable to start afresh rather than attempting to repair a severely broken installation.

Hope that helps.

Not that I have used this method but it might help get you started:,6313.0.html

Alternatively, if you view this to be a critical matter you might consider purchasing support from Zentyal:

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Error install zentyal printers
« on: May 26, 2011, 10:45:12 am »
I have rebooted the server and same response.
This will have attempted to restart the Zentyal printing module during the boot-up.

When I run apt update I get this message:-
Err lucid-security/main Packages         
  403  Forbidden [IP: 80]
W: Failed to fetch  403  Forbidden [IP: 80]
But I still cannot get the server to update the package list.
Running this command is essentially the same as your earlier attempt to update the software list via the Zentyal web interface.  Running it in the terminal window allows a greater number of messages to be seen.

Your system seems unable to obtain security updates.  This is may be the reason for the error message.

I am able to obtain updates from the same repositories which might indicate:
The repositories were unavailable/overloaded when you attempted to update
The problem resides at your end

One thing to check might be anything in use that restricts the size of any downloads in case the security updates exceed the current limits - a proxy perhaps?

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Error install zentyal printers
« on: May 25, 2011, 05:23:07 pm »
Hi brucemallord,
I can't offer a solution to the problem but was wondering if a little more information might help others with the diagnosis.

I tried to upgrade the HPLIB driver to support HP P1005 printer in cups.
What steps did you take to do this?  Did you try to temporarily retrace your steps to remove it? If so what were the results?  Were there any messages?

I tried updating the package list and got the error :-
Error updating package list. Please try to execute the following command in a console to see the problem: sudo apt-get update
Did you try the command?  Were any messages displayed in the terminal?

Some other things to consider...

Is the CUPS web interface still contactable?  In your browser on the server enter:
Code: [Select]
http://localhost:631If this works it may allow you to manage the printers until a resolution is found.

I don't know whether this might help or hinder but have you tried restarting the Zentyal printing module?
Code: [Select]
sudo /etc/init.d/ebox printers restartThis will restart the daemon and rewrite the CUPS configuration back to the installation default and may require that you set-up your printers again.

In another post (not to similar) there was speaking of kind of clean-up, wipe-out, delete...

However, I don't know how or where I could do that.
If you are asking how to wipe your disk, using a distro such as Parted Magic is one of the easiest ways.  You can get it from  It contains various disk wiping tools (and many other useful tools also).

Just be aware if you decide to conduct a disk wipe that it will remove everything on the disk so a re-install is required from scratch.

Also if the problem is not a corrupt installation but is a hardware or driver problem it may occur again in a post wipe installation.

Hi marOlon,
I cannot offer a direct solution but would like to ask which version have you installed?

The reason for asking is that I experienced similar symptoms when recently creating a test-rig using the 2.1-1 Beta version of the installer.  The cause could not be established and as there were no reports of it happening to others, it was put down as a one-off glitch.

I was fortunate that the problem occurred in a test set-up.  My answer was to completely wipe the disk (including the MBR) and conduct a fresh install.  This installation worked without errors.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Raid Problem
« on: May 20, 2011, 11:05:01 am »
...i need to install first the Zentyal 2.0.3?
I am confused by this question as both your initial question and the discussion so far have been about the beta.  Is there perhaps a language difficulty?

There are two options, both of which involve waiting for the fix to be issued.

Create your server now using the current beta.  Wait for an update to be issued that includes the fix. Apply the update in the usual way.

Wait for the next beta-ISO to be released (this will include the fix).  Create your server with this installer.

...they have specific date to come the new release?
If you mean for the next beta - none that I am aware of.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Raid Problem
« on: May 19, 2011, 01:02:29 pm »
after reboot.. the error was back? :'( :'(
Although the fix has been added to the repository, a package containing it (and other fixes) has not yet been published.  When it is available it may be added to your server via the usual Software Management Update mechanism.

Alternatively, the forthcoming ISO of the Beta-Installer will include the fix if you prefer to start with a fresh set-up.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Raid Problem
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:44:18 am »
It seems a bug report has previously been submitted, and quickly fixed.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Persistant Changes
« on: April 26, 2011, 12:15:13 pm »
...Even after updates?
If you have changed a configuration file that gets overwritten by an update this may help.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Changelog of packages?
« on: April 26, 2011, 12:08:13 pm »
Is there any package changelog?
Is this what you are looking for?
A Change Log is located in each directory.

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Optimize for low-spec machine?
« on: April 23, 2011, 02:06:55 pm »
Any input would be most welcome...
If extending the working life of the hardware is important to you, and it is struggling with the current Ubuntu based OS, how about looking at an alternative distribution?  Doing so might allow it to continue in a specific and limited role as a firewall/gateway and other Zentyal services wanted for your LAN can be placed on the planned more powerful machine.

It might be worth looking at Tiny Core Linux (TC)

This post is currently being made using TC from a machine I keep specifically as an under-powered test-rig (PII 333MHz).  It uses the GUI version but there is also a command line version called Micro Core.  As an aside, I have used TC+applications to produce appliance type devices based on otherwise redundant thin client machines.

VuurMuur is not currently available in the TC repository; possible options
  • Compile from source
  • Convert from the .deb using a conversion script TC has for the purpose
  • Post a request in the TC forum for it to be added

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