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Can anybody describe why default groups "Domain Admins" and "Schema Admins" in Zentyal are created in "Users" section (organizational unit) of domain structure, instead of "Groups"?

And where to create new custom groups (eg "Designers") - in "Users" section like default groups, or in separate "Groups" section?

When I changing NetBIOS domain name in Zentyal settings, I see the warning:
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Changing the domain name will cause to reprovision the samba database. The users and groups will be imported from Zentyal LDAP, but you will have to rejoin all computers to the new domain.Ok, users-groups will be imported, continuing... And after finishing operation - I see empty list of users! All users are deleted!!
Why this happens? And how to restore users after changing NetBIOS domain name?

On Zentyal 6.1 setup, created Zentyal users got user ids, starting from 65534 (Guest) and increasing (user2 is 65535, user3 is 65536, etc).

Where can I configure starting id number for change this to lower (2000+) value, and to make user id's range differ from other Zentyal servers?

Can anybody provide fresh working SSSD configuration example, that works with current Zentyal 6.1 server via LDAP login and password, without generating host Kerberos ticket?

I have found but seems it is too old because not working on Zentyal default setup.
It was work for me on Zentyal 4.x and Ubuntu 14.04, but not work on new Zentyal 6.x and Ubuntu 18.04 clients.

Also I have found but it works via generating Kerberos ticket for each host, that is too expensive.

Does anybody have any fresh sssd.conf, that works well with direct connection to Zentyal 6.x LDAP, without generating Kerberos ticket?

I have server, hosted in virtual cloud, and it have internal IP address on network interface (eg

All traffic are bridged to external IP (eg via virtual private cloud.

And I can't understand, how can I bind Zentyal AD server to external IP, instead of internal?

If I fill external IP into DNS zone together with internal, all works, but external AD clients sometimes receive internal IP address ( and see connection errors.

If I remove from DNS, I can't restart Samba with error:
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Samba can't be provisioned if no IP addresses are set for domain
So what is right solution for bind Zentyal Active Directory domain to external IP address, that not match current network interface IP address?

I want suggest you to integrate [matrix] instant messaging server in Zentyal, as replacement to eJabberd, or additionally to it.

[matrix] is an opensource federated ecosystem with all rich functional like in WhatsApp, Slack, Skype and other modern system. So this is next large step after XMPP technology. More info we can read here:

As comparison with XMPP, here is detailed description why Matrix is better:

Matrix Synapse server can be easily integrated into any LDAP or AD system via integrated Synapse LDAP Auth Provider module or via extended mxisd third-party module.

I need to change NetBIOS domain name in Zentyal 4.1 system with already created users.
Before apply changes I see warning:
Changing the domain name will cause to reprovision the samba database. The users and groups will be imported from Zentyal LDAP, but you will have to rejoin all computers to the new domain.
It's ok that I must rejoin computers, and good that users and groups will be imported.

But when I apply changes, I see empty list in Users!
Why user database is lost? How I can restore users database?

I want to share folder with non-latin (Russian) symbols via Samba on Zentyal 4.1, but got the error. Folder with English names shares normally. Here is screenshot of problem:
Same problem is in English interface:
I try to add folder "/тест" (Russian word "test"), but got the error:
Path /тест is not a directory
Seems that the problem is with encoding UTF-8 symbols in Zentyal scripts.

Description of problem in Russian for search engines:
Не работает расшаривание для общего доступа (Шаринг файлов) в "Добавить новый общий ресурс" через Samba если в пути есть папки с символами русских букв в Zentyal 4.1.

How can I fix this problem?

I have use Zentyal DNS Service version 3.2.6 and want to add wildcard zone. When I try to add new record, I see form:
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Host name: _________________
A valid domain name or a wildcard (*) value must be provided.
So in description I see that I can use  wildcard (*) symbol.

I try to enter many variants:
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But always unable to save this with error like:
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Invalid value for Host name: *.myhost.
How can I configure wildcard hostnames for domain?

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