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My two Zentyal domain controllers are not rsynced and have limited storage space - the second really is inly a basic virtual machine in case something happens to the physical server.

Would it be possible to have Zentyal pointing each user to a home directory under FREENAS_SERVER\COMPANY\USERS\ ?

The FreeNAS server is joined to the domain and in regular use, just not for the home folders.

Situation: mix of Windows 10 and Ubuntu clients with users and groups configured on a Zentyal domain (no Windows servers).

Should I use RSAT and Windows policies or samba passwordsettings?

The reason of my questions are described here ->


Zentyal-based domain "", where "office" is a subdomain of an existing internet domain that is in use and registered to us.

The company rebranded and we now also have a new registered internet domain "".

What should we do now?

A) Rename the zentyal domain to ""? (And would this imply creating new users and/or rejoining all machines to the new domain name?)

B) Simply add aliases to the Zentyal DNs so that say "pc1" has an alias of ""? (This should not require major changes)

We only use the "office" Zentyal domain for our internal machines - any service we'd need to run on the internet would be a "" and would not impact Zentyal configuration.


I have a main domain controller dc1 on a physical host and 2 additional domain controllers on virtual machines, dc2 and dc3.

dc2 has been shut down some time ago, and the machine hosting it is going to be retired soon. It can be restarted if necessary.

No SYSVOL rsync has been setup, and the new vm on dc3 works correctly.

How should I go about removing the controller from my domain? They are all Zentyal, 5.1 for dc1 and dc2, 6.0 for dc3.

The title is my question.

I have a working Zentyal domain, file sharing service is active with default values but would instead like to map out an existing NAS to my users.

It's a zfs FreeNAS joined to the Zentyal domain, so the users can already reach it with their domain credentials, but I would like to mount a main share (not their home dircetory) automatically when they login.

Any advice/tips/info?



Small business, about 35 computers.
Single domain, no Windows servers, only 2 Zentyal controllers on 5.1.3
Main domain controller is a dedicated physical server, additional domain controller is a virtual machine.

I was wondering if I can update the additional controller first, and if there's any special procedure.
The idea is that if anything goes wrong I can simply reinstall the VM, and if the upgrade works smoothly I can proceed to updating the main controller.


Normally - every time a relevant configuration change or update is needed by my 5.1 domain controllers, I save the configuration and download it to a different machine for safekeeping before performing the operation.

I was wondering if there is a chance to launch the config save from the command line, with the idea of scripting periodic backups + file transfers.

apt-get: relocation error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ symbol _ZN9pkgSystem9LockInnerEv, version APTPKG_5.0 not defined in file with link time reference


We have a small network with 2 Zentyal domain controllers.

Controller 1 is physical and connected to a UPS, Controller 2 is virtual and hosted on a machine that is not under UPS.

Yesterday morning there was a power cut so Controller 2 went down with its host, and Controller 1 stayed online.

When I got in the office I restarted Controller 2 host computer and the Zentyal virtual machine.

I had imagined the server time would update: both controllers are set up to synchronize with external servers and point to 3 machines from the pool.

However, this did not happen and we had some authentication issues until we found out that the time on the controller we restarted was 25 minutes earlier than the other.

Why is this controller NOT updating its time when it is configured exactly like the other machine and has a working internet connection to reach


I have a Zentyal 5.1 domain and my clients are a mix of Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.05.

They all work on a main file server - a freeNAS device joined to the Zentyal domain.

I have been looking into ways to automate mounting the network drive from the Linux clients, but the solutions I found involve local scripts containing password in clear and in need of updating when the credentials change - a no-go for me.

How should I go about using Zentyal to do this instead? I need the clients at login to mount a CIFS share  that is using the domain permissions and is on a server that is not the domain controller.


I can successfully add a Linux workstation to the Zentyal domain using the instructions at

However, I am having some trouble figuring out how to allow ANY existing domain user to login from any Linux client.

We are a small setup with a mix of Windows and Linux and several of us work part-time, hence we need to share our computers among a few users.

I have installed system-config-samba (if it doesn't start, use sudo touch /etc/libuser.conf) on the clients and had some tries but the help is insufficient.

At the moment, I can only login with local users I have created.
Though I can manually get the Kerberos tickets with kinit, if I try and login with a domain account that does not have a local account on the client yet, I get "wrong password" message.

What I want to achieve is

- credentials verified against Zentyal
- if good, user logged in and local user with some /homedir created if it's the first login
- if not good, failback to some low privilege local account

Can someone please explain me how to configure the server and user settings in system-config-samba ?

I have 2 Zentyal domain controllers.

dc1 acts as main dns server, transparent DNS cache not enabled, forwarding to google root dns to resolve external addresses.

When dc1 is offline, I checked that can nslookup, set dc2 as the server and resolve both internal and external addresses, but it needs to be specified manually.

What are the best ways to automate this: router? client-side script? group policy?

I have installed Zentyal 5.0.

After reboot, the web admin interface is not available but can be reached after a service zentyal stop/start .

The configuration is incomplete and the server is not connected to the network yet.

However it looks like I cannot proceed with the setup as:

- I cannot see anything in Software Management/Zentyal Components - it is now empty

- If I try and configure some System (ex. Date and time) or Network parameters the changes are not getting saved as the network service is in an unknown state.

The only modules I can see and are activated are network (in an unknown state) and logs.

Is there a chance to restart the configuration from scratch as the other modules were present on first access?

Is it possible to proceed to the configuration offline, knowing that services will not be working correctly until the server is actually connected to a network?

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