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Hi there

I'm moving my aged but reliable installation of zentyal up from 3.0, to 4.1. It's now on 3.2 and reasonably ok bar a few packaging issues.

I notice that zarafa was dropped in 3.4 and replaced with openchange. Is there a clear migration path in the upgrade from one to the other or am i going to loose mail?


I've gone through the upgrade process from 3.0 to 3.2 with a veiw to progressing through to version 4 however I have the folllowing problem.

I cannot update all the packages. libsmbclient fails because of unresolved dependancies.

I have run the following command in apt-get to see what the issue is;

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true -o Debug::Acquire::http=true -f upgrade

It gave me the following info:

Code: [Select]
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
Entering ResolveByKeep
  Dependencies are not satisfied for libsmbclient [ amd64 ] < 2:3.6.3-2ubuntu2.12 -> 3:4.3.0+zentyal2 > ( libs )
Keeping package libsmbclient:amd64
The following packages have been kept back:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.

I presume it's somehow update a package to the ubuntu core version rather then the patched zentyal version. This would tally with some dns problmes that I'm seeing in samba

What do i do to fix this and get ensure I have the right version of all samba packages

Searched everywhere for these instructions. Not in the documentation where you would expect them. A vague reference in the blurb from zentyal about the release of 3.2 but no link or suggestion of how this apparently easy upgrade is achieved. I'd have expected it to be a permlink in one of the forums at the very least

Can someone provide me with a link to these mythical instructions please


I want to access my virtual machines running under the zentyal vm module using virt-manager. Virt-manager prompts for a password. This password is stored in a file somewhere and is specific to the vm. I have found it and used it before but stupidly didn't make a note. Can someone point me in the right direction please.

solved this my self about 2 seconds after asking it sorry

Installation and Upgrades / DNS queries refused from vpn
« on: May 16, 2013, 07:00:26 pm »

I have a OpenVPN service configured on my zentyal box. Clients connecting to the zentyal box have all there traffic routed through the vpn and there primary dns becomes that on the zentyal box.

DNS queries by vpn clients for machines in the local domain work work fine. ie nslookup somemachine.mydomain.lan resolves ok.

However dns queries for other names are refused ie: nslookup results in the following output (on windows)

Server:  myserver.mydomain.lan

*** myserver.mydomain.lan can't find Query refused

This is irritating because it means that you have to disconnect the vpn to use the internet, then reconnect for mail and file transfers etc.

Any ideas?

Zentyal core 3.0.20

Installation and Upgrades / Only getting intermitant notifications
« on: April 03, 2013, 03:52:32 pm »

I have regular daily backups set up. These are working fine.
I have the backup event selected and have configured the mail dispatcher. However I only get mails intermittently, usually on the monday or tuesday. The rest of the time I get nothing. I've checked the mail logs and nothing has been sent so I can conlude that the mail was never generated.

Any ideas?

I have a turnkey linux mindtouch virtual machine hosted on my zentyal box.

If i have a single bridged adapter then I cannot connect via ssh from the guest to the host either by name or ip.

DNS resolution works. I can resolve the host ip /name correctly. However if I try to ssh to to the host then the connection is 'reflected' back to the guest. Ie i end up connecting to the guest  NOT the host. SSH reports no errors.

For example if my host IP is and if I do ssh usr@ it will log in as usr but i will get the greeting message from my vm and a quick exploration of the file system indicates that i am on the vm. Of course usr has to exist on the vm

I can prove this with

ssh root@myhost (or root@ I will be able to log in and I will be logged in to the guest ( root does not exist on the host or is disabled so I can't log in.

Furthermore I will get the greeting message from the ssh on my guest not the host which looks different

And finally if i make changes to the file system in the session they appear on the guest file system not the host.

It can't be all connections that are getting reflected because I can query the dns server on the host??

If I add an internal lan (a virtual lan that just allows connections between the host and other vms) then ssh works I can connect externally using the ip of the host on this lan. This would be fine but for some inexplicable reason it breaks the openldap authentication in the mindtouch wiki that is running on the vm. If I delete the internal lan openldap works ok again.

I can connect from the host zentyal machine to the guest os and I can ssh to both machines externally.

I should point out that the same vm behaves as expected running under virtual box in windows. The problem only manifests itself on the zentyal box.

Any ideas where to even start with this?

Hi there

I have a single turnkey linux vm running on my zentyal box under the vm manager.

It runs a wiki and I found I had some database corruption on the vm. ACPI is enabled on the vm and works under virtual box - ie I can issue an acpi shutdown and it goes down correctly. (FYI I needed to install the acpi-support package to get this to work)

I have rebooted my zentyal box a couple of times since it's been installed

So my question is when I shutdown zentyal does it issue a shutdown command to the virutal machine, or just turn it off?

Hi folks

I just installed a bunch of system updates for DNS that caused the Zarafa dns module to be unistalled, and uninstallable due to dependancy issues.

Thankfully I'd imaged the system before applying the updates and simply reverted it but for the moment I wouldn't install them.

Hi there

I want to configure a VM on zentyal so that it's interface is bridged to the local network. However when I select bridged the "bridged to" box only contains none. It does not contain my lan interface. How do you make this work

I have a zentyal box with a single interface and a statically assigned IP.

Hi Folks

I applied all the latest updates on Saturday (2013-03-23) and since then Anacron as been mailing me the following errors:

error: clamav-daemon:1 lines must begin with a keyword or a filename (possibly in double quotes)
error: clamav-daemon:10 unexpected }
error: found error in file clamav-daemon, skipping

Any ideas?

Email and Groupware / Where is the mail stored in the filesystem?
« on: March 11, 2013, 02:34:13 pm »

I have zentyal 3 with zarafa configured as the mail gateway.

Where in the file system is the user mail stored? I would like to know for backup purposes etc.

Ie if I was restoring the server from an image what would I need to restore from the backup to recover the mail.

Installation and Upgrades / Mail relaying is not working
« on: March 10, 2013, 07:41:05 pm »

I can't seem to get mail relaying working

Current setup is core 3.0.15, zarafa 3.0.2, mail 3.0.4,

Zarafa is configured as the imap and imaps gateway

I have a network object specifeds for both my vpn clients and local lan clients and relay policies have been established for them.
All clients can access there mail through thunderbird by connecting to the imap server. They can also add files to the folders by drag and drop etc, si IMAP is working fine.

However they cannot relay messages. The following error appears in the log if thunderbird tries to send a mail:

Mar 10 18:26:36 myserver postfix/smtpd[12001]: warning: unknown[]: SASL PLAIN authentication failed:

This is setup of thundirbird was automaticallly detected by it:
Port 587
Connection security STARTTLS
Authentication method: Normal Password

This is not an issue with a user name and password being incorrect, it exists with all clients and the same usernames and passwords are allowing access to zarafa and the zarafa imap service just fine.

Sending mail from the zarafa web client also works just fine.


I was looking through the documentation for the file sharing and authentication and it makes the following statement:

File sharing is integrated with users and groups. Each user has a personal directory and each group can be assigned a shared directory.

The user’s personal directory is automatically shared and can only be accessed by the user.

Although each user has a share under /home on the zentyal box this is not shared automatically. I presumed this was because I had not checked the Enable roaming profiles box. Since I didn't want to enable roaming profiles I just created shares for those users that needed them under /samba/shares.

Is the behaviour I'm seeing incorrect? Should the users home folder be shared as suggested by the documentation? Or should the last line of the documentation say something like:

The user’s personal directory is automatically shared if roaming profiles are enabled.  It can only be accessed by the user.

Hi I have zentyal 3.0 installed on a machine with 2 disk drives. One contains the OS the other contains /home and all the samba shares. Both drives are simple sata 3, no fancy raid etc.

I want to move my install to another server that's similar but a fair bit more powerful. I was going to go for the simplest option of just shoving the hard drives in the new box. I've done it before with suse and redhat and it works fine after a bit of fidling with fstab and sometimes a reinstall of the boot loader.

It was this last issue that had me foxed. I've some experience of reinstalling grub on suse. But as I understand it ubutu 12.04 and therefore zentyal use grub 2. How would I reinstall grub 2 on a non bootable system. I'm assuming the system will become non bootable because the drive configuration change may confuse grub.


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