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Do you know how I could do that during an installation though?  It fails on the add and select software step. 


Installation and Upgrades / Need to install 3.2 - any way to do that?
« on: October 24, 2021, 04:43:53 am »
Hello, I have a need to install 3.2 for some migration testing.  I tried to install 3.2 in a virtualbox and it fails presumably due to repositories not being available anymore maybe?  Is there any way to download an archive of the repos so that I can do an install?


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Server for Zentyal 6.1
« on: May 26, 2020, 02:21:21 pm »
Hello everybody! Did somebody install Zentyal 6.1 on HP DL380 Gen9 or Dell R730xd? Zentyal 6.1 will be work on these server?

I use the mentioned HP servers on a regular basis.  If you are doing a new install I HIGHLY recommend running in a vmware environment rather than installing the software directly on the server.  This gives you consistency and a whole host of other tools that you would otherwise not have such as snapshots and cloning to name a few.  There is a free version that gives you a pretty strong base to get started.  I'm not sure how large your planned install is but it is plenty capable to get you going.

HP has customized esxi ISOs they have made for their servers that also give you the monitoring capability of being able to remotely look at raid/drive status as well. 



I have a couple of installs still chugging away on 3.2 but have migrated the users away from Zarafa and they are on Zimbra now... (wow all these Z's)...

Anywho .. Is there a migration path without completely destroying everything from 3.2 to the latest 6.x version?

All I care about are the file shares and the AD Directory.  I don't want to have to recreate my domain. 

Thanks in advance!


Do I have to enable SSL somehow for the Z-Push?


Anyone have any ideas on this one?  I can't get Activesync to configure.

I have 3.3 and did the update to 3.3.2. 

I've tried \username (which is default)

all of those I've tried with SSL and without SSL.   When I have with SSL checked it comes up saying that it doesn't recognize the certificate and I tell it to continue. 

None have worked.  I have a galaxy s3 stock on sprint. 

Also I was looking at troubleshooting zpush and they were saying to go to server/microsoft-server-activesync (or whatever the url was) and that it would prompt you for credentials which it did.  I entered mine and it came back with the correct message so I assume it's up and running.


So I've got Zentyal up and running and I have Zarafa configured and working both with the webapp and the Outlook client.  Now I'm trying to get my mobile phone to sync with it and it won't accept the account name.  I've tried all the combinations of username/password I could think of - with ssl and without and it won't take my configuration.

Is there another port that needs to be open on the firewall besides 443 and 80? I've also got Enable ActiveSync set on my account.  Is there another service that needs to be running for z-push to work?

I'm kind of stuck on this one.


Well it's working now for me but I don't understand how.  It's not showing in the routing table so I'm not sure how it's routing to the internet. 

You set default gateway in the webgui:

Right I understand that... but what I'm asking is how does it work on the underlying TCP/IP stack?  typically you will see your default gateway listed in the routing table with  Mine is not showing any default gateway yet the box still has internet access.  It's just one of those curious minds type of questions. 


Webaccess is unlimited.
Maybe you run into a 500 user limit, but that is OpenLDAP related and can be changed in the OpenLDAP configuration. There are some topics in this forum about the 500 user limit.

That is way more than I will ever run for my uses. 

It appears that things are starting to work for me now on the software. 

Do you know how the default gateway works?  It doesn't show up in the routing table so I'm not sure how it's getting to the internet.

BTW thanks for your super quick response!  I don't generally see that in forums.


Community version has a limitation of 3 outlook connectors. This means: you can have only 3 MAPI enabled clients. If you do not use the MAPI protocol, you can have as many IMAP/POP clients as you want. Also unlimited activesync (android/iOS/WP) clients are available in community version.

So what about web access?  Is it just Outlook clients that are restricted?  Is there an alternative windows based client and is that restricted? 

I also can't see any pricing on their site - they seem to be kind of secretive about it - any idea what a pro license runs?


First things first (and welcome to Zentyal forums)

Thank you - sorry if I came off a little hot under the collar - not my intention.  Just spewing out the problems I was having. 

What version of Zentyal do you use?

The latest for download on the site .. I think it's 3.3. 

How did you configure the interface(s) of the VM in ESXi?

Configured it same as any other vm on my network.  Not intending on using any of the firewall features so only one network interface connected to my internal network.  Right now just wanting to check it out and look at the admin interfaces etc.  So out of the gate it was DHCP and picked up an address off my windows domain controller.

How is your network looking like and what is the location of Zentyal on your network. Can you give info on IP addresses and subnet?

Our network here is just on  I'm trying to change the IP to (10.10.3.x is range for servers)

How many interfaces does your Zentyal server have and how do you want them to be configured? How are they configured? If possible, add some screenshots.

Answered above... only one interface - just testing for now.

When installing a Zentyal server I personally do not install ANY module at first install. This is to be able to set domain different than "zentyal-domain.lan" without any module interfering. I also install all system updates available before a first reboot. After that, I stick with networking module and all 'non depending' modules I need. (non depending modules: zentyal modules that are not depending on other zentyal modules)
Then I configure networking with internal interface as static. If Zentyal acts as a Gateway and there are services on the network that need to be accessible from the outside, external interface needs to be static too.

This is what I did as well figured that it would be good to install the components after the network settings were sorted.  Since my post I discovered that apparently the gateway IS working but it's not listed in the routing table.... how the heck does that work?  My firewall was blocking ping traffic so it looked like it wasn't communicating.  In addition I wasn't getting a Zentyal components list - it was blank so I assumed it had no access to the internet.  Now things seem to be working so far.

Before creating any users, groups or adding computers, I set LDAP on PAM enabled. So users can get local permissions on the server.
When all basic settings are configured, I start creating groups and users.
Hope this helps a bit.

Yeah I haven't gotten that far but will check it out when I can confirm the basic stuff is working.  What I'm really interested in looking at is the Zarafa module.  Do you know what limitations there are on the community version of Zentyal vs. the Pro?



Thought that I would give Zentyal a try... wow so far it's been a nightmare.  Tried three times to download the ISO and the remote server ended the connection so ended up having to have one of my friends download it on his fast connection - apparently mine was too slow. 

Installed Zentyal and the install went fine - just trying to configure the IP settings and default gateway and I've been messing around for 2 hours and can't get the thing to take my changes.  I've added the "default" gateway under gateways and set my static server IP address.. when I view the gateways with route -n at the console it doesn't reflect my change.  I reboot the server and it still doesn't have a gateway defined.  Yes, I clicked the "save changes" and yes I did enable the module under modules.

All I have to say is if the configuration of all the other modules work like this one it doesn't seem to be a path I want to walk down.  Zentyal's web site claims ease of use and ease of installation but so far I can't get something as basic as network settings to work properly... so far not impressed.

Anyone else having these issues?

My install is on a vmware esxi server just to test it out.  First time through I went through and selected my components that I wanted to install and it hung on Zarafa so I suspected it had something to do with network settings changing or something so second time through I didn't install any components except the network configuration component and it won't activate my changes..

The gateways area shows the gateway listed that I put in but it's not reflected in the OS underneath.  Yes I checked the "default" box.

I am an IT consultant so this isn't me making the wrong selections... if I can't do this then a beginner doesn't have a chance.

Please help!


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