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Email and Groupware / Sanity Check Please - Outgoing SMTP
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:44:07 am »
Hi All

I have set up Zentyal and Have it all working great. I am having an issue with sending email out. My understanding was that Any Authenticated User could use the SMTP server (Obviously with Authentication set in their mail client)

However I cannot send out email unless I create an SMTP Relay filter for the Machine they're using. This is fine for Static Desktops etc but does not seem practical for iPhones/Android Phones/Home PC's etc.

Am I correct in my understanding that Authenticated Users should be able to relay out SMTP Messages? Or Have I missed something.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Oh and the client s do not wish to use Activesync/Exchange type messaging yet, just POP/IMAP/SPOP/SIMAP.


Installation and Upgrades / Zentyal MS Exchange Mail filter
« on: July 15, 2012, 06:49:13 am »
Hi Guys and Gals

I've just found Zentyal and it's amazing! I have been a ClearOS User for many years but I'm currently looking at moving a lot of my customers over to Zentyal for its modularity and wider feature set.

But theres one Really handy feature in ClearOS which I havent found in Zentyal (although it's probably there under another name). Some of my customers have MS Exchange servers in their Org and dont want to move from them. Theres a great feature in ClearOS where, as the gateway, it acts as the SMTP server, filters the incoming mail (Antispam antivirus) and then passes the filtered mail off to the MS Exchange server inside the network by Domain name. That way the exchange server is never exposed to the Internet and only sees clean mail (The only way to keep an exchange server happy in my opinion). For those familiar with ClearOS the feature I am talking about is under SMTP Server and is labeled "Mail Forward Domain list". It lets you specify a target Mail server, Port and a domain name.

How would I do this in Zentyal? Any help would be appreciated.



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