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I found a problem with the active directory server, that is, it cannot add a user, here is a description of the error
any one can help to fix this case?,

Error on person LDAP entry creation: The server is unwilling to perform the requested operation
.<br/> Operation parameters:{
  'sAMAccountName' => 'test.user',
  'name' => 'tes user',
  'userPrincipalName' => '',
  'cn' => 'tes user',
  'userAccountControl' => 514,
  'givenName' => 'tes',
  'displayName' => 'tes user',
  'homeDirectory' => '/home/test.user',
  'sn' => 'user',
  'uidNumber' => 69306,
  'quota' => '1',
  'gidNumber' => '2513',
  'dn' => 'CN=tes user,OU=TAX,OU=IGR,DC=xyz,DC=group',
  'objectClass' => [
 at /usr/share/perl5/EBox/Samba/ line 516

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