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at the end I tried all available auth options available in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird recognizes STARTTLS & Kerberos /GSSAPI when I use the auto detect function of thunderbird during the creation process of the mailbox.


Nobody an idea???

I tried it with evolution as well, no success either, complaints about username and password.

Ok, let's try it from a different point.

For everybody out there using thunderbird, is it possible for you to connect thunderbird to zentyal 6 ???

I would appreciate any reply!

Hi everybody,
i'm trying to connect Thunderbird (60.5.3) to Zentyal 6.0. I always get the message "Login failed". The Login via SOGo works.
Do I have to do some settings to get this solved?

Anybody an idea?

Kind Regards

Hi everybody,
I tried out Zentyal development edition and would like to use it at home (<10 users). But I wonder if it is reliable enough for my intended scenario?
How are your experience with the development edition, is it stable enough or do I have to struggle with it after each update? Any other thoughts or drawbacks?

Thanks and regards

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Raid 5
« on: October 01, 2010, 12:25:05 pm »
I did the following.
I partitioned the notebook hdd like Example 1 but the /home partition.

I put the /home partition on the Raid 5, it should work I think.


Installation and Upgrades / Raid 5
« on: September 29, 2010, 05:04:20 pm »
I' have a homeserver with 1 notebook hdd and 4 WD GreenCaviar hdds. I'd like to install zentyal on the notebook hdd and use the other 4 hdds as Raid 5 to store the userfiles (samba) on it. All hdds are SATA-types and are connected via AHCI.
Does anybody has any idea how to configure this? I'm not sure how to make the partitions, what size and how to adapt the paths?
My intention is to spindown/shutdown the Raid 5 when it's not in use to save energy.
I know how to configure a Raid 5, but I'm not sure how to setup the partitons and paths to meet the requirements of zentyal.
Any suggestions and ideas how to implement this?

Rgds WD

Installation and Upgrades / Faxserver
« on: November 20, 2009, 12:01:41 pm »
is there an ebox module which enables me to manage a faxserver like hylafax or something like that on my Ubuntu server?
Thanks for info!

I have made a new installation of Ubuntu Server 9.04 and installed ebox with the Ubuntu repositories (the version installed was 0.12.2). Then I had to do a update and dist-upgrade to get  ebox 1.3 installed. After I have updated Ubuntu 9.04 it was possible to install ebox 1.3 and add the apt source, now it works. This solution is fine with me, I don't need Ubuntu 9.10 necessarily, I will stay with Ubuntu 9.04 till 10.04 LTS is released, it shouldn't be a problem to do a upgrade.
Thanks for your help!


Ok, that's why.
I cannot use Ubuntu 8.04 due to some other problems.
I think I have to wait for the next Ubuntu LTS release which will come next year.
Thanks for info!


Hi everybody,
I've Ubuntu Server 9.10 running with ebox version 1.3.5 installed (ubuntu-repositories). When I try to install the module ebox-mail it says "package ebox-mail not available". My intention is to setup a mailserver with postfix and I'd like to manage it with ebox.
Any ideas?

Regards WD

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