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Email and Groupware / Re: Administrator and root email/alias
« on: June 10, 2017, 04:16:43 am »
I fixed it by adding hash:/etc/aliases to virtual_aliases_maps.

I will remove it from the mail stub and update to 5.06 and see if that fixes it too.

EDIT: Upgraded to 5.06 and so far working fine. Will mark it solved.

Email and Groupware / [SOLVED] Administrator and root email/alias
« on: May 05, 2017, 05:42:19 pm »
I can't seem to get administrator and root emails to forward to a virtual domain address.

I've tried /etc/aliases root: henry@virt.domain then newaliases doesn't seem to work
I've tried .forward in /root and /home/administrator with henry@virt.domain doesn't work

I keep getting a message in the log about a bounced message (user unknown) administrator@zentyal.virt.domain. Do I add an email address to the administrator account from 'Users and Computers' ? When I look in there it says 'This user has a mail account which does not belong to any managed mail domain' but can't see any email listed which I suppose is the built in administrator@'server mailname'.

Any help appreciated.

zentyal 5
mail module 5.0.5

Having same problem with 3.3. Any suggestions ? Have all the latest updates for 3.3

I can't even imagine doing that many, nor would I want to !!!!

I mainly use systems with virtualbox. Most of the time the vm's run great. I have a few vm's in production too. One is my main email server. When I get a computer fast enough I will run 2x vm's on that machine. Very easy to manage/backup/re-deploy vm's etc.

not yet. Will try to replicate the error in a VM first to see if that may help with further info.

I couldn't wait so I tried it. 
apt-get purge zentyal-zarafa
apt-get autoremove

apt-get install zentyal-zarafa.

Disabled webmail via gui etc

BUT still no luck! same error
PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php5/20090626/' - /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTIN7details18iconv_context_baseE in Unknown on line 0 ,on a webserver restart. I will disable it again.

Thank you half_life for your assistance. Might set up a vm and try from their and see what happens if I get some time.

Nothing in the mysql.error log about a crashed table?  If not,  I am afraid I am at a loss.    Maybe apt-get purge zentyal-zarafa followed by a re-install on the command line?

I will try that.

When I did disable the extension by editing /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/zarafa.ini and commenting out, I would restart the webserver/zarafa/computer and the message would not appear in /var/log/apache2/error.log. But it still would give me the same msg when trying to access webaccess or webapp page. So prob it's enabled somewhere else aswell. zarafa.ini did not change after a restart. I had to edit and manually enable it again. Then error popped up in error.log when webserver restart.

root@zentyal:/usr/lib# service mysql status
mysql start/running, process 1114

not running now. have disabled it, and re-enabled webmail which i have to edit the stub to connect to my other imap server (which i'm trying to move from).

When it was running and active in modules, it did allow me to edit items in zentyal web, ie imap, secureimap support etc. I even trying disabling all outlook features as a last resort. No effect.

I can't start it again now due to, too many users complaining about their email. But I couldn't find any other info on how to get more details about the error.

root@zentyal:~# ls -l /usr/lib/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Sep 28 08:42 /usr/lib/ ->

I did read somewhere too of a same error msg but different decription, and they to mentioned /tmp was full and to clear packages etc.. don't think that is issue here though.

root@zentyal:~# df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md0        143G  5.9G  130G   5% /
udev            2.0G  4.0K  2.0G   1% /dev
tmpfs           789M  400K  789M   1% /run
none            5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
none            2.0G  4.0K  2.0G   1% /run/shm

root@zentyal:~# uname -r

root@zentyal:~# dpkg -l | grep zentyal
ii  bind9                                1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Internet Domain Name Server
ii  bind9-host                           1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Version of 'host' bundled with BIND 9.X
ii  bind9utils                           1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Utilities for BIND
ii  dnsutils                             1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Clients provided with BIND
ii  libbind9-80                          1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     BIND9 Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libdns81                             1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     DNS Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libisc83                             1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     ISC Shared Library used by BIND
ii  libisccc80                           1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Command Channel Library used by BIND
ii  libisccfg82                          1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Config File Handling Library used by BIND
ii  liblwres80                           1:9.8.1.dfsg.P1-4ubuntu0.7+zentyal1     Lightweight Resolver Library used by BIND
ii  libmapi0                             1:2.0-QUADRANT-385-g1dd55ee-0zentyal0   Client library for the MAPI protocol
ii  libtrycatch-lite-perl                1.003001+zentyal4                       first class try catch semantics for Perl - lite version
ii  roundcube                            0.9.3-zentyal3                          skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - metapackage
ii  roundcube-core                       0.9.3-zentyal3                          skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers
ii  roundcube-mysql                      0.9.3-zentyal3                          metapackage providing MySQL dependencies for RoundCube
ii  roundcube-plugins                    0.9.3-zentyal3                          skinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - plugins
ii  samba4                               4.1.3-zentyal2                          SMB/CIFS file, NT domain and active directory server (version 4)
ii  zentyal                              3.3                                     Zentyal - Core metapackage
ii  zentyal-antivirus                    3.3                                     Zentyal - Antivirus
ii  zentyal-ca                           3.3                                     Zentyal - Certification Authority
ii  zentyal-common                       3.3                                     Zentyal - Common Library
ii  zentyal-core                         3.3.1                                   Zentyal - Core
ii  zentyal-dhcp                         3.3                                     Zentyal - DHCP Service
ii  zentyal-dns                          3.3                                     Zentyal - DNS Service
ii  zentyal-firewall                     3.3                                     Zentyal - Firewall
ii  zentyal-mail                         3.3                                     Zentyal - Mail Service
ii  zentyal-network                      3.3                                     Zentyal - Network Configuration
ii  zentyal-ntp                          3.3                                     Zentyal - NTP Service
ii  zentyal-objects                      3.3                                     Zentyal - Network Objects
ii  zentyal-services                     3.3                                     Zentyal - Network Services
ii  zentyal-software                     3.3                                     Zentyal - Software Management
ii  zentyal-squid                        3.3                                     Zentyal - HTTP Proxy (Cache and Filter)
ii  zentyal-users                        3.3                                     Zentyal - Users and Computers
ii  zentyal-webmail                      3.3                                     Zentyal - Web Mail Service
ii  zentyal-webserver                    3.3                                     Zentyal - Web Server
ii  zentyal-zarafa                       3.3                                     Zentyal - Groupware (Zarafa)

I did disable webmail like it suggested etc.

Restarted apache, zentyal and even computer. Still same error.

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