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Zentyal 5.0.10

It looks like is just an error in reporting the status, but I'd like to be sure everything is ok.

My system tells me that the Mail module is stopped, if I try to restart it, it looks like the process goes right, but in the end it's always reported as STOPPED, also, from shell:

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~$ sudo zs mail status
Zentyal: status module mail: [ STOPPED ]

Even the "External retrieval service" is reported as stopped, and maybe these are two correlated problems.

If I go to Mail -> General -> Mail Server Options I can se as checked the "Retrieve mail for external accounts" config, so it looks like it's rightly configured, but still reported as Stopped on the Dashboard.

How could I resolve this issue and be sure the system is alright?


Installation and Upgrades / Migration to Zarafa
« on: March 02, 2011, 09:02:02 am »
Hi all,
I'm using zentyal on a test server, that's actually managing my emails (some retrieved from external POP accounts, one domain managed directly), on the docs I spotted a groupware section introducing Zarafa, which I would like to test, but, before losing all my emails and borking the config, there are a couple of question I feel unanswerd by the documentation:

1) I read that the accounts are not synced by default, I can't find a section where it's clearly stated how to sync them, maybe I just have a new section under users in which I check an enabling mark and from now on that user will be available even in Zarafa? Or do I have to delete the user (°_° Not good with so much emails already there and the retrieval settings too... looking at a migration on a firm and not my test server, I can cope with losing emails or configurations, but it could be a showstopper for a firm that would just improve their zentyal experience with zarafa, I think it's too dangerous if this is the case).

2) Old emails: from the docs is not clear to me what happens to old emails, already on the IMAP server, can't zarafa be configured to just access that IMAP server? I red in the forums somewhere that people authenticating in zarafa after syncing accounts can't see the old emails and they had to disable imap in email config, and enable it in zarafa, de facto disablig access to the old emails via IMAP (thus the clients, like thunderbird or outloook, can't connect to it to drag and drop folders to the new zarafa  managed IMAP...) is there an official how to for this migration, if it's needed at all?

3) What happens to email retrieval from external accounts? Do they deliver to zarafa after zarafa is on? Do i have to disable default SMTP behaviour somewhere and enable it on Zarafa config?

Thank you for the answers.

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