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Installation and Upgrades / Phased migration from Exchange 2007
« on: April 25, 2019, 03:35:37 pm »
I am trying to plan a migration from Exchange 2007 (AD Integrated to our internal corporate AD) to Zentyal as a standalone domain. Our internal domain is different than our registered live internet domain and Zentyal will be receiving mail under the external domain - duh. So there really is no need for it to be attached to the internal users. We have about 200 users but most of them are mail only users with no account on the internal domain.

It's a single server and single domain environment, so should be a piece of cake EXCEPT that I'd like to do a phased migration. I just need to ideas on how to pull that off. I can install it as a new mail server on a new address, but then the changeover would be all or none. How can I phase this? i.e. only have about 10-20 users trying it out and burning it in before going full live with it but still maintain my domain and email addresses exactly as they are (no sub domains etc).

I am looking at moving from Exchange 2007 over to Zentyal but I need to do a phased migration of only a couple users at a time. Is this possible considering that I only have a single domain and single server?

We do not plan on using any features of Zentyal other than mail, mail antivirus, DNS blackholing and gateway scanning. All mail related. Do not HAVE to have a direct tie to my active directory.

I currently have a barracuda mail gateway in front of my exchange that I can keep or ditch, either way.

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