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Hello everyone!!

As you probably already know, eBox is going to reach the 2.0 version, delivering a lot of new features and bug fixes. Well... it's not really going to be eBox (, but don't worry about that, our GPL license and our business model is not going to change at all.

But, there is another little thing we would really like to have for 2.0, and that's good quality translations for the maximum number of languages possible, thus, we are creating auto-organized community translation groups.

All information about translating eBox to your language is available at
The official translation site is

In summary:


Initially the due date will be August the 26th.

The eBox team gives thanks in advance to all the volunteering translators that help eBox become a much better product and example of open source development success.

Hola Isaías,

En principio hasta squid 3.0 no hay soporte de ICAP, nosotros estamos usando 2.7 actualmente. De todas formas, ¿Podrías concretar un poco más que planeas hacer? Sobre todo en el punto 2.

Un saludo,

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