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News and Announcements / High Availability in Zentyal Server 3.4
« on: February 27, 2014, 12:29:02 pm »
Good afternoon,

Some of you have already noticed the forthcoming version of Zentyal Server 3.4 comes with High Availability for UTM services. To this regards, we have released a new article in Zentyal Labs that introduces this feature and provides a quick tutorial on a common deployment scenario.

Any feedback about this feature from early adopters before it goes live would be much appreciated!

We have taking good notes some of you had already started :-)


News and Announcements / New OpenChange webmail in Zentyal 3.4
« on: February 21, 2014, 07:13:07 pm »
Good afternoon,

Starting with Zentyal 3.4, users of the OpenChange module will discover a new webmail specifically redesigned by Zentyal to provide a familiar user experience and improve usability.

You can learn more about this change and see some screenshots in the following article published in Zentyal Labs:

We are very excited to share this work with you and would really appreciate feedback from early adopters before it goes live with Zentyal 3.4 ISO on March 15th.


News and Announcements / Hasta la vista, Trac
« on: February 03, 2014, 11:55:15 pm »
Good evening,

This week, we have scheduled to migrate from our existing trac bug tracker and documentation framework to redmine for the bug tracking and mediawiki for the documentation:

The tool is never an end in itself but it does have a significant impact on how we supply documentation, triage, follow-up or process issues with ease and better efficiency. We have already invested a significant additional amount of time in fixing bugs and we will continue this effort until we reach what we consider being an acceptable status. Furthermore, some parts of the documentation have already been migrated and the rendering is quite good.

One significant part of this process is obviously the migration of tickets and we have chosen to this regards to perform a manual triage among existing tickets. The objective is not to artificially decrease the number of backlog issues but to focus on what is achievable to be fixed in a foreseeable future. It is therefore possible we omit by inadvertence to migrate some tickets that shall be important to you. If such case occurs, you are invited to add them onto the new service. Any help to this regards will be strongly appreciated!

The new platform will soon be available and you will be able to log in with your forums credentials.

In the meanwhile, it would be really appreciated if you could postpone posting in trac for the next couple of days while we launch the new system.

Best Regards,

News and Announcements / Zentyal Server 3.4 and Zarafa
« on: January 23, 2014, 08:08:09 pm »
Good evening all,

With our forthcoming Zentyal Server 3.4 community edition based on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy, we have been working on testing and upgrading all our modules. As for now, Zarafa is one of the remaining module that is not working.

Unfortunately, Zarafa does not provide packages for Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy. We have tried to build the open source edition on our own, but we are hitting compilation issues that blocks the process and prevent from moving further. We have therefore decided to contact the Zarafa team and see if they are willing to provide a package for Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy.

If they don't, we will not be able to include this package in Zentyal 3.4 Server.

I will in any case keep you posted on the evolution of the situation.


News and Announcements / Zentyal Server Release Policy
« on: January 10, 2014, 07:12:35 pm »
Hi Everybody,

Happy new year 2014 to all of you.

Among last weeks, we have noticed some threads discussing or mentioning the Zentyal Server release strategy.

This is obviously a major piece of our server strategy that we have officially announced and presented during Zentyal Summit 2013 [2]. However, we had not yet provided an official document explaining the concepts, objectives and benefits of this new strategy along with its impact on the community editions.

This is now fixed and available at the following URL

Best Regards,

Good afternoon all,

After careful consideration, during which we have taken into account Zentyal Server strategy and focus, usage statistics and general user and customer feedback, we have taken the decision to move the following modules to the Contrib Repository:
  • PPTP
  • Virtualization
  • Thin clients
  • VoIP

These modules will continue being supported in the earlier Zentyal Server versions until the end of the life of each version, but Zentyal Server 3.2 will not include these modules anymore. Naturally, we warmly welcome Community Members interested in developing and/or maintaining any of them. In general terms, all of these modules are very little used, but for clarity's sake, we would like to provide an explanation of the specific reasons for moving them from Official to Contrib Repository:

  • PPTP: PPTP has become an obsolete and vulnerable protocol. Zentyal Server 3.2 now provides a more secured implementation together with L2TP and IPSec and therefore it does not make sense to maintain this module
  • Virtualization: Zentyal's virtualization module was created for a specific project and the module was published to find out if other users could find it useful and benefit from it. However, the user feedback has shown to us that 1) considerably more additional development is necessary to offer a virtualization module most of the users expect and 2) virtualizing on top of a Zentyal Server is required only in some very specific cases and there is no mainstream need for this. We believe that it is more reasonable to focus our efforts elsewhere.
  • VoIP: Zentyal's VoIP module, based on Asterisk, aimed at providing easy-to-use VoIP service with LDAP/AD integration by using Asterisk's Realtime/LDAP backend, but unfortunately the latter is not officially supported and has several known issues. Due to this and the fact that the current module requires plenty of manual configuration to provide truly useful setup, we have decided to move on until we find a better solution.
  • Thin clients: Zentyal's thin clients module is based on the simply amazing Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), but LTSP is mainly used in education and Zentyal Server targets small businesses. We sincerely believe it is better to focus our Development Team's time to improve or further develop other core features or bugfixing.

Eventually, it all comes down to focus and limited resources. The goal of Zentyal Server is to offer an easy-to-use Linux server for small businesses. This is what we want to be the best at and sometimes it means that we have to stop, think and drop things that are out of the focus. Maybe we will come back to them at one stage, who knows? But for now, there is a truly amazing Zentyal Server 3.2 release coming and we would be thrilled to have you joining the testing effort, the release party and/or Zentyal Summit - We're looking forward to your feedback both online and on site!

Kind Regards,

News and Announcements / Zentyal Server 3.2 Roadmap Published
« on: May 07, 2013, 01:36:43 pm »
Good afternoon Zentyal users,

We are glad to announce that the Zentyal Server 3.2 definitive roadmap is now out and public:

A preliminary beta will be available very soon and further detailed information about roadmap features will come along next weeks!

Stay tuned!

Kind Regards,

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