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News and Announcements / Samba4 extended how'to & Samba updates
« on: February 07, 2013, 05:35:09 pm »
Hello everyone,

As some of you have already noticed, we still have two pending detailed Samba how-to's (link to the available ones One of the most important ones being the 'Total Migration'. The reason we still don't have written this how-to's is that we are waiting to integrate the last samba release (4.0.3) which is expected to fix a lot of bugs, and thus make the how-to's somewhat different and shorter  :D

  • provision with the correct access control list values by default.
  • honor the ACLs correctly.
  • fixed many issues around FSMO role transfer, and DRS replication stability.

Moreover, from now on, we are going to bundle the binaries and libraries using samba's source code instead of dynamically linking the system libraries. Associated subsystems, like kerberos, ldb and so on will be deployed as intended by the samba developers, fixing another bunch of know issues

Don't hesitate to answer in this thread if you need further clarification of any of the points explained here, we will keep you posted and hope the improvements that we are planning for our future zentyal-samba releases will prove useful to you!


News and Announcements / Zentyal doc for advanced users [planning]
« on: April 20, 2012, 07:58:06 pm »
Hello everyone,

In our last Zentyal Community Council, we discussed about the need of some "advanced user" documentation. This documents and how-tos are supposed to fill the existing gap between the current Zentyal doc (kind of cookbook, easy-to-follow step-by-step GUI guide) and the development guides (how to develop new Zentyal modules using perl and Zentyal framework).
The target person is someone used to hack his way around using the CLI, that wants to go a couple
of steps beyond what is possible using only the web interface.

Based on the most frequent requests and what we consider interesting for this target public,
we have put together the following list:

- Troubleshooting and debugging Zentyal, main log files for Zentyal and each one of the services, how to reproduce and catch the errors on the fly, verbose description.
- How to integrate third party applications with Zentyal's LDAP (moodle, openerp, subsonic, whatever...)
- How to adjust the service templates to modify the translation between the web GUI and the resulting
configuration files in a permanent fashion.
- Proper partitioning, RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 and LVM, how to do it, why and when to do it and good
- Possible documentation appendix covering /etc/zentyal parameters, description, justification and possible tweaks.

We really think this will make a great difference  :D. Are you missing any other topic? Would you like to contribute with some howto?


News and Announcements / New Pootle version !
« on: December 22, 2010, 12:33:03 pm »
Hello everyone!

We are glad to announce a brand new pootle platform which solves most
of the deficiencies of the old one.

Please check it out at:

PS: On the downside, since the accounts are so different in this
version, we cannot port them reliably, so please re-register
your account, apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards

Hello dear Zentyal translators,

As some of you may know, we have the 'Disaster Recovery' feature almost ready, this means new text strings in Zentyal (which will be added in pootle next Monday) and some effort from our beloved translators so everyone can enjoy this new feature in their native language.

A reminder of our pootle URL:

Thanks as always for your collaboration,
Kind Regards

Hello everyone!!

As you probably already know, eBox is going to reach the 2.0 version, delivering a lot of new features and bug fixes. Well... it's not really going to be eBox (, but don't worry about that, our GPL license and our business model is not going to change at all.

But, there is another little thing we would really like to have for 2.0, and that's good quality translations for the maximum number of languages possible, thus, we are creating auto-organized community translation groups.

All information about translating eBox to your language is available at
The official translation site is

In summary:


Initially the due date will be August the 26th.

The eBox team gives thanks in advance to all the volunteering translators that help eBox become a much better product and example of open source development success.

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