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 somehow i can't get thunderbird running for roaming users, combined with zentyal-desktop. Here's what I did: installed a Zentyal 2.2 on a kvm master, with Users and Groups, Mail, etc enabled. Client is an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. With one user configured. This user can start thunderbird without problems. After running zentyal-desktop and setting the server's ip, I can login with all of the Zentyal's users. Roaming desktop works fine. Whenever I try to start Thunderbird, it crashes, leaving me with the notification . Can't find anything of this in the logfiles.

Anyone got zentyal-desktop running with Thunderbird as an email client?

As I'm trying to install a Zentyal slave for our SBS 2003 Active Directory, I ran into an error running the migration tool.
In the logfile it says:

C:\Program Files\zentyal-migration-tool\zentyal-migration.exe:101: GtkWarning: gdk_property_change: assertion `window != NULL' failed

Don't know what this error is, but I went on and followed the steps on:

Added a sync user and rebooted the SBS2k3 server. This was without problems, it booted up, so right now I'm configuring the Zentyal slave. Do I need to be concerned?

Will post follow ups of the process later on.

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