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Portuguese / Licenciamento
« on: August 28, 2019, 11:38:59 pm »
Caros amigos,

     Descobri a pouco tempo o Zentyal e pelo que pude analisar inicialmente ele se encaixa nas minhas necessidades: migrar um AD W2008 (simples, só algumas GPOs e controle de login). Contudo fiquei na duvida. Se há uma versão community (desenvolvimento), poque haveria necessidade de licenciamento? Não achei nada sobre não poder usar em ambiente corporativo a versão community, mas posso estar enganado!

We are planning to migrate an AD / DC Windows 2008 to Zentyal 5, however, a question has arisen. Today we have another Windows 2008 server that is configured as a filserver and connected to this server (iSCSI) we have two NASs containing our data. Can we reproduce this architecture (two NASs connected to Zentyal by iSCSI) and use the permissions that are already configured in the file system of storage (NTFS)?

It is possible replace a Windows Server 2008 domain controller with Active Directory and some simple GPO (like sharing, default icons, default wallpaper, etc.) with a Zentyal server? If yes, which services I will need to use in Zentyal?

Hi everyone, I am newbie here, and newbie in Zentyal, but XP in linux :). So, we have a project to migrate our W2008 R2 AD to Zentyal 5. I just install and make the first configuration in Zentyal, but I will not put it as BCP at my network. I want to create another domain using Zentyal, this domain change is an old necessity and we want to use the fact of migrating to Zentyal to take advantage of and change the domain too. So, it is possible to use our current W2008 R2 as AD at our network and another domain controlled by Zentyal? Can this cause malfunction in our network/domain?

Live long and prosper.

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