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 somehow i can't get thunderbird running for roaming users, combined with zentyal-desktop. Here's what I did: installed a Zentyal 2.2 on a kvm master, with Users and Groups, Mail, etc enabled. Client is an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. With one user configured. This user can start thunderbird without problems. After running zentyal-desktop and setting the server's ip, I can login with all of the Zentyal's users. Roaming desktop works fine. Whenever I try to start Thunderbird, it crashes, leaving me with the notification . Can't find anything of this in the logfiles.

Anyone got zentyal-desktop running with Thunderbird as an email client?


Worked like a charm... Ran the new installer and am able to change passwords of existing users!
Also adding a new user works again!

Thanks you all!!!

does the AD server need a reboot after running the newest migration tool?

I will continue replies on the above thread. Looks too much like cross posting, sorry,8571.msg35560.html#msg35560

Thanks for this info! Will run the migration tool again!
Do you think i should run the newest version or the one i used previously?

I can't restart the AD server at this time, because of loggedin users, but will post the outcome

anyone having troubles adding new users to the SBS domain (running SBS2k3) or changing user passwords? Here's the same problem:,8571.msg35560.html#msg35560

The Zentyal slave picked up the users. But now if I try to add a new user to the SBS2k3 domain, it refuses. Also a change of any user password cannot be done. Could this be related?
Can i rollback the installation of the migration tool somehow, so I can add users to the domain and change passwords...

I'm facing the same problem here... The path c:\Windows\NTDS\zentyal-adsync exists and when running the zentyal-pwdsync-hook also gives me a name 'path' is not defined.
I really need to get this working again :(
Any news?

Also creating a new user doesn't work anymore

Does anyone know how to fix this??

As I'm trying to install a Zentyal slave for our SBS 2003 Active Directory, I ran into an error running the migration tool.
In the logfile it says:

C:\Program Files\zentyal-migration-tool\zentyal-migration.exe:101: GtkWarning: gdk_property_change: assertion `window != NULL' failed

Don't know what this error is, but I went on and followed the steps on:

Added a sync user and rebooted the SBS2k3 server. This was without problems, it booted up, so right now I'm configuring the Zentyal slave. Do I need to be concerned?

Will post follow ups of the process later on.

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