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For all of you who are using Zarafa as main Mail / Calendar / Contacts Application:

As it is NOT CLEARLY mentioned somewhere in the docs, not even in ChangeLogs:

!!Zentyal has COMPLETELY DROPPED ZARAFA in this release as Zarafa does not provide Packages for Ubuntus non-LTS releases!!

Yesterday I was surprised and shocked that my complete EMail / Calendar / Contacts Infrastructure incl. ActiveSync stopped working after upgrading to Zentyal 3.4, so now I have to revert back to 3.3 and hope I get my Zarafa Stores up and running again.

@ZentyalStaff: IMHO this should be announced more clearly, it es even NOT mentioned in the ChangeLogs! What are the future plans for Zarafa? Will this completely be removed and changed to OpenChange? Are there any migration plans for current Installations running Zarafa to Openchange?

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