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French / PDC, client Windows XP et W7
« on: August 08, 2011, 11:16:49 pm »

Depuis Windows Vista, mircrosoft utilise le protocole SMB2 et Zentyal procure un "hack" permattant de monter le répertoire personnel de l'utilisateur même si il est sur un poste W7.

Malgré cela je rencontre certains problèmes très variables sur les clients W7.
De temps à autre le lecteur n’apparaît pas dans l'explorateur de fichiers, alors qu'en console et via l'assistant de lecteurs réseaux, ce dernier est bien présent.

Avez-vous déjà rencontré des problèmes similaires ?

Merci d'avance.


I recently installed a new zentyal 2.0 server based on Ubuntu10.04. ( in fact this weekend ^^) and I'm facing some really strange behaviors with W7 Clients.

Installation :
- I configured zentyal following the web wizard "office" server : samba + LDAP + sharing in order to get a PDC.
- I configured zentyal to be a DNS server for "myoffice.lan" domain.
- In my network, we received some new computers shipped with Windows 7, so I applyed the regestry hack from
and added the machines to the domain.
- The user provisionning was simple and seemed to work because I'm able to open a session with the users' credentials
- I set the network drive of the user to be accessible in "off line" mode.
- And change the location of "My Documents" to the driver, so that users automatically save documents into.

In fact, at every reboot, i got an other behavior and Windows updates again and again ...

- First the network driver shows up and works fine.
- An other time if the machine reboots, the drive doesn't show up in the explorer but is connected, accessible throught the "Open files" menu in software, and browsable with the console.

What is that for a problem ?
If i try to set manually a network drive, windows show me that the H: is already connected.

- Once, I even add the driver to the "Documents" library and every time I clicked on the shortcut in the explorer toolbar, an other network driver shows up !
So I got the same share mapped for every letter from F: -> Z:

I had several other problems with the library usage where some buttons don't do anything, or some changes which were not applyed and saved and so on ...

Please ! Help me !

I don't understand anything to that behavior.
Where is the mess ?

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