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Other modules / Zentyal DNS
« on: December 13, 2018, 02:18:25 pm »

Have a server running 4.2.12 handling mail and DNS but not yet DHCP. I have setup the DHCP on the WAN router and pointed DNS to the Zentyal. The Zentyal has a few standard forwarders (google et al) and everything seems to be running fine. When i bench test DNS the Zentyal reports as fastest, which seems OK. The problem i have is setting up machines name resolution within the network. For example I have a file server, who's hostname cannot be pinged and only resolves on some PCs. I have tried adding it to the DNS hostnames section for the domain but it still doesn't resolve. What am i doing wrong?

Installation and Upgrades / Multiple Zentyal on same network
« on: August 16, 2017, 03:17:38 pm »

I have two Zentyals 4's on the same network along with a Win2003 SBS (i know, havent got round to killing it) handling logins only. They site behind a Draytek router handling 5 fixed IPs on fibre and doing port forwarding to the respective servers. I asked the ISP to setup rDNS and with setup SPC and DMARC for one of the Zentyals but since doing so i have noticed occasional attempts by server B to send messages from server A resulting in a failure due to SPC. It may be that the servers have always done this and since setting up SPC i am only just noticing. Is there anything i have missed?

For clarity email clients for server A are set to authenticate with server A and vica versa. Indeed the lady who had the emails sent through B instead of A doesnt even have an account on B!

Cheers, David

Installation and Upgrades / General newbie type help
« on: March 28, 2016, 09:09:15 pm »

First post - be gentle please!

I have been running Zentyal alongside WinSBS2003 for a while now as a mail server and it works well. However it is time to kill the SBS box as the company that belongs to is now defunct as is SBS.

A quick question first, i am running 3.5 and trying to upgrade to 4 but it keeps saying modules failed to download, for example; E: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 80] is there anything i am doing wrong?

Moving onto setup. Been playing with adding Windows clients to Zentyal as a PDC and generally all appears OK. I had to play around a fair bit in DNS adding hostname to IP addresses but it seems to work OK. However it got me thinking i had set the system up incorrectly from the beginning, what i have is;

Zentyal box is called it acts as an MX for and is hosted on a virtual server however i think i should have set the Zentyl up as mydomain.local but if i change this now it warns about loosing user data, what should i do?

If i setup Outlook 2010 the Zentyal box complains bitterly about relaying. If turn off SPA in Outlook and connect using TLS on ports 143 and 465 it works but not on the machine connected to the Zentyal domain! I guess this is an AD versus email login thing? The email login is but the Zentyal AD login appears firstname.lastname do i need these the same?

The box certificates dont work well at the moment. Everytime we login users have to accept the certificate. I setup a self cert issued to and issued by but Windows doesn't like this, is there a better plan for this? Or is this simply a windows thing?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks, David

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