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In my case I am using Zentyal 2.2 with such rules - IP1 with 100/10Mbps connection services HTTP and FTP, IP2 with 10/10Mbps services all other and it works perfect
In few days i will make a special zentyal config with 2 Wan and 2 Lan and i will post here my results. The problem is i don't know if i will use 3.3 or 3.4 version
In the meantime - try the config i have written before and check data streaming using iptraf

Yes, this is because zentyal 3.3 has a system service called Zentyal Administration with port 443 and zentyal 3.4 has zentyal webadmin with the same port and can't be replaced
If You need urgently upgrade - before import change Zentyal admin to another port (not 443)

Installation and Upgrades / Re: webadmin port where in config
« on: March 30, 2014, 03:05:07 pm »
You will not find them in config files - all configuration is in database

@struyve: I Have just tested Your scenario with unticking box
Yes, you can't acces zentyal from Your network, it will not work.
But using VNC and https://localhost:443 it works fine.
Of course You could also change service port used by Zentyal. In this case You have to search it using "netstat" from terminal window

Installation and Upgrades / Non existing Eth0 issue
« on: March 30, 2014, 12:47:53 am »
In all my previous ZENTYAL configs (up to 2.2) i have used eth numbers other than eth0
In a new 3.3 installation i did it also but... from time to time after saving config Zentyal says that there is no eth0 interface. But there was never eth0 - it was changed before Zentyal installation
In this case also DHCP and Usercorner services will not start, even if they are not using eth0
Version 2.2 is great but... based on 10.04LTS which will finish maintenance soon
Now testing Zentyal 3.4 but it is not based on LTS ubuntu so i can't use it.
3.3 has more glitches now, like samba4 problems so i am in strange point - what to do with new Zentyal installations? I am using it from version 1.6 and it is a great software.

I have today migrated config from 3.3 to 3.4
But I am using different that standard port for managing (let's say 777).
After migration i have entry "Zentyal Administration" from old zentyal and "Zentyal Webadmin" from Zentyal 3.4
In this case I can't set HTTP Services to port 777 because it is already taken by old entry from 3.3 - now unused.
The problem is that I can't delete this old entry as it is marked sa system and can't be modified by user
So - is there any way to delete this entry???

Now upgrade to 3.4 is not possible because UBUNTU version has also changed. ZENTYAL stuff is working now on scripts to make upgrade possible. However - migration is possible from Zentyal <3.4 to 3.4 as config import to new installation

Installation and Upgrades / Re: 2IPs - Same Network
« on: March 30, 2014, 12:13:33 am »
You can have it if You will use the interfaces as DHCP clients
No, by hand it is not possible to set it because ZENTYAL is blocking that possibility

Yes, You have "unchecked" the box "default for ssl" in SYSTEM -> HTTP Services (it is from version 3.4)
I don't know which port it is using now for administration but please try nmap to determine opened ports (nmap -sV -p0-65535 Your_IP)
-sV will help you to determine HTTPS port

Very simple
1.Network -> Gateways -> Balance Trafic -> Multigateway Rules
2. Add rule interface=any; Source=IP-you-want-to-redirect; destination=any; service=any; gateway=Your-choice

That way You can redirect also specific services through specific gateway

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Guest Network
« on: March 29, 2014, 11:36:00 pm »
1. Add secondary NIC to Your ZENTYAL
2. Configure this NIC with another IP subnet (for example Your basic subnet is then your guest subnet can be
3. Set a rule in Firewall -> packet filter -> Filtering rules for internal networks
4. Add rule DENY SourceIP= DestinationIP= service=any
You can see computers in guest network using basic network but you can't see computers in basic network using guest network
If You want to add also restrioction to both sides, add another reverse rule: DENY SourceIP= DestinationIP= service=any

You can also use Network -> Objects and define subnet objects there and use them in firewall

Installation and Upgrades / Re: webadmin port where in config
« on: March 29, 2014, 11:23:16 pm »
SYSTEM -> HTTP Sevices
If You change the port there is a special entry in NETWORK -> Services named ZENTYAl Webadmin and the port for administration is also set there (automaticaly)

I have just did the same thing and it worked fine. In my case i have missed IPS module, just installed it and imported again from 3.3. And all is ok.
So in that case - please try to remove the missing modules Zentyal says are absent and install them again and then import from 3.3

Just don't use fstab to mount USB drives
i have added a small script to /etc/init.d/mountit
mount -L DRIVE1.5TB /home/samba/data
"-L DRIVE1.5TB" means "mount drive labelled DRIVE1.5TB" - this is much comfortable with USB drives
then add script "mountit" to rc:
sudo update-rc.d mountit defaults
and... done :D system will not stop on fstab mounting and You will have mounted drives

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