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I installed Zentyal 2.2 as a gateway. Connections look like this:

  • Zentyal - Firewall, DHCP, DNS, Transparent Proxy, Antivirus
    • (eth0: dynamic, external) - Intel Gigabit CT (PCIe)
      • cable modem
    • (eth1:, internal) - Intel Gigabit CT (PCIe)
      • {gigabit switch}
        • PC #1
        • {gigabit switch}
          • PC #2
          • PC #3
          • SageTV HD300 (client) #1
          • SageTV HD300 (client) #2
          • {gigabit switch}
            • PC #4 - SageTV DVR (server)
            • SageTV HD300 (client) #3
            • {powerline ethernet (bridge)}
              • {powerline ethernet (bridge)}
                • SageTV HD300 (client) #4
              • {powerline ethernet (bridge)}
                • PC #5
              • {powerline ethernet (bridge)}
                • PC #6

The delays have these properties:

  • They last for 10-15 seconds (like a timeout?)
  • They are random. Any device, any connection. Computers, media streamers, etc.
  • They are not caused by load. Even when every other device is idle, the delays occur.
  • The ethernet lights on the affected client blink like crazy until after the delay.
  • The affected client does NOT report a problem with its network interface.
  • All other connections on the affected client continue working fine during the delay.

Accessing the Zentyal web interface (e.g. is also subject to these random 10-15 second delays.

Occasionally, DHCP will timeout, indicating that the DHCP is also subject to these terrible delays.

Sometimes my VPN connection will stop sending/receiving data for same period of time. So it also experiences these delays.

It seems the problem is either with hardware or some fundamental misconfiguration. No priority/limitation features like QoS/bandwidth/shaping are configured. The Zentyal box is not overloaded. CPU, memory, hard drive all report a decent amount of unused capacity. Maximum system load is around 0.70. No other device is trying to take over the Zentyal's IP/DHCP duties. There aren't any other routers on the network. None of the switches or clients are overheating. The Zentyal box is on a UPS and all its fans are running.

Following a hunch, the powerline adapters were unplugged from the network and their client devices were powered off. Remaining client devices still exhibited the delays.

Thinking that the ethernet adapters might be overheating (due to passively cooled video card in next slot), I added a fan to the Zentyal box and pointed it directly at the PCIe cards. The delays still occur.


Clean install of Ubuntu 11.10 (x86) running Zentyal 2.0.x (no PPA)
  • eth0 {DHCP, external} -> current router ( -> Cable Modem
  • eth1 {static, internal} -> switch -> home network

From the Zentyal box's terminal, I can ping, but I cannot ping the IP's of any Internet sites. It's like there's no gateway configured. Ping says "destination network unreachable." In the Network -> Gateways section my dhcp-gw-eth0 is listed as enabled, default, and active. But nothing seems to use this gateway.

(I removed network-manager as it said it was no longer allowed to manage eth0 and eth1.)

EDIT: The routing tables are missing a gateway: ->, netmask:, flags: U, metric: 1000, iface: eth1 ->, netmask:, flags: U, metric: 0, iface: eth1 ->, netmask:, flags: U, metric: 0, iface: eth0

I tried restarting the computer. I changing eth0 to "not set" in Network -> Interfaces. Then I saved, applied changes, and reconfigured it as DHCP/external. Sure enough, the gateway shows up in Network -> Gateways but does not get added to the routing table. Why?

Other threads mention this same issue without a cause or a fix...

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