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Directory and Authentication / Re: AD Stop Working on Windows 11 22H2
« on: November 03, 2022, 04:51:47 pm »
I know very little but I was able to join my newly upgraded to Win11pro computer to my Zentyal domain and fix the user bad password domain login problem by changing the local security policy encryption.  However, I found this on youtube related to Windows 11 and Zentyal CA certificates. Has anyone tried it?

Yes, changing some local policies allows joining the domain, but domain policies are not sinchronized, and workstation DNS records are not updated, and maybe more things don't work.
This video is addressing a different problem.  It was posted 7 mothns ago, before Windows 11 version 22H2, so it is not addressing this problem.

The problem is that Zentyal has been left behind samba updates (samba already addressed and soved this problem at the beginning of 2022).

In Github, the developers argued that they are stuck with ubuntu 20.04 for the samba version.  But they could have done the same as other solutions, like Univention (which I am migrating to.  15 systems), which make WEEKLY updates to their system.

Not to mention the bugs that have been liying for months on github, or the pull requests people made with love, abandoned for years...  This is not proper open source.

For your information, Zentyal developers have already declared that they will not launch a new version of Zentyal until MAY 2023...  Although they claimed to prepare a patch... I really don't know how they will address this, if solution depends on a new version of Samba, which they say cannot be done on current Zentyal 7, based on Ubuntu 20.04

My advice: run away from Zentyal.  As quick as possible.  Don't waste your time on this.  I am a systems administrator.  I know what I am talking about.

Good luck to everyone.

But what is the alternative ? I really don't want to use windows server so does that mean installing samba etc from scratch.

I have been contemplating rolling out Zentyal - but communication seems spotty and I've noticed a lot of unusual little problems in my testing.

As a concept Zentyal should be a winner, even just as a AD server / File Server which is my own use case, but theres no way I can justify paying for something that is lacking support.

Looks like i'm going to have to look further.



My installation woes continue....

Once the inital configuration is complete the save process gets stuck at 100% ( saving webmin ).

If I open another browser tab and point toi localhost:8443 the dashboard comes up fine but there is a save changes button active in the top right of the toolbar. If i click this it wil again get stuck at 100% when saving webmin and i can't clear the popup and this save button will continue to appear even if i refresh.

Evrything else appears to be working - creating users etc.

Any ideas ?

Any help or pointers appreciated.

Nevermind - had to do a full reformat of the hard/drive and the all was ok when i reinstalled.



Been mucking around getting a zentyal AD and fileserver running and managed to finaly understand everything to the point I wanted to do an actaul install.

So i attempted a re-install ( from USB Menory Stick ) and now after the first reboot the process hangs with the browser unable to connect to localhost.

I tried an different computer name as I thought it could be related to DHCP and i also tried a different NIC but I keep getting the same problem.

I've tried reinstalling 5 times now and keep getting stopped by thsi same problem.

Any ideas ?

Any help appreciated


Directory and Authentication / Re: Users can't access shares.
« on: September 21, 2022, 01:12:08 pm »

Thanks for the reply :

So using the FQDN as suggested i tried accessing both the users own share as created by zentyal and shares created on both disks and get the same error.

The error message is : this share is not accessible, you may not have permission for this network resource - Element not found

Interestingly, there is a folder called 'sysvol' that is accessible.

I also tried creating shares on the main disk and get the same error.

So I think it's a permissions issue but not limted to the second disk.


Directory and Authentication / Users can't access shares.
« on: September 20, 2022, 11:18:58 am »

I've installed Zentyal on real hardware as an A/D master and all went well.

The hardware has 2 disks, I set up the second disk to used as storage for shares only.

I created shares,users and groups through the web front end. ( home shares are on the main disk as I haven't found a way to set the second disk as the default yet )

After I set up both windows 10 (pro) and windows 11 (pro) client as per the instructions i can login as a user and see shares but can't access them - I assumed at first it was a permissions issue as I have shares set up on a different drive, but even after changing permissiosn on the directories I cannot access them.

It's the same for the user directories which Zentyal set up upon user creation.

Any pointers ?

Also can i change the default system path for creation of shares/directories ?

Any help appreciated.


Hi all,

First post so be gentle :)

I'm a little old scholl and like to have certain services on seperate machines, so for example i like my network firewall on one machine, then behind this i have email on another and the file server on a third.

This is purely for redundancy and is a personal choice ( cos i'm a bit paranoid ). :)

So being new to Zentyal ( but not linux ), the question is where do I install the network control functions dhcp dns etc ( I presume on the firewall ) and where do i install the user controll functions.

Anyone got any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

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