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NEXT problem: Under "Users and Computers", I do not have the option to go to USERS -> USER CORNER.
It is simply not there.
I have the options "Manage", "Standard Template" , "Synchronization" and "LDAP Settings". No "User corner" below the "LDAP Settings" option.
What now, how do I get the user corner? How do I get that user corner to listen to port 8888 etc.etc. ?   :'(

I looked at the docs everywhere, but I swear that the "password" field is absent in my case.
It should look like this:

but it does not look like this for me. No "password" field. Weird ?!


Zentyal has the option to fetch mail from external accounts, which is exactly, what I need.
* I have a local domain and a local server srv01.localdomain.local
* several local users exist: user1, user2, user3 etc.
* all of them have external mail accounts, like,

* Zentyal is supposed to regularily fetch these external mails, store them into some internal IMAP server so the users can use the internal IMAP server to read the external mail and respond to it.

Now the question: How do I tell the Zentyal server what the password is for fetching the external mail ??
I could not find a 'password' field anywhere.
Are the local users supposed to have the same login password for logging in locally as for fetching the external mail ?

Where does the Zentyal server store the passwords for fetching the external mail ?

Installation and Upgrades / Re: No video on local graphics card
« on: December 30, 2013, 09:54:00 am »
I solved my issue!

I looked at the BIOS settings again, and found out we have had every BIOS setting to "default" by accident (sheer negligence).
I enabled "VGA Palette Snoop" and suddenly Zentyal worked like a charm and displayed everything.

I'm sorry, but I have a strange question. (Though I am no Linux newbie, I know I'll sound like one in this special case...)
I have installed Zentyal 3.2 - Office version. I added some users (ATT1, ATT2, ATT3).
I can change the settings of my Windows 7 client to use the Zentyal domain to log in as $username - logging in over the domain works fine.
But now the troubles start...
a) Trouble 1
On the windows client I can see the network share called :
I can enter these dirs, but I cannot make my own directory anywhere and upload files anywhere. I guess it must have to do with permissions and access rights, but afaik I did everything right...
b) Trouble 2
I can log in as Windows 7 "zentyaluser" (ATT1,2,3) but when opening Outlook2013 , Outlook says "Cannot find Exchange Server" - though kerberos, etc.etc. is clearly running. 

Any advice?

Installation and Upgrades / Re: No video on local graphics card
« on: December 15, 2013, 03:32:13 pm »
I have a similar issue. I installed Zentyal, after installation it said "ready for reboot", the machine rebooted, the BIOS screen appeared, but as soon as the bootblock loading is over and Zentyal boots, there is no video output on any screen what-so-ever.
The system is a dual Xeon board from Intel with an "Aspeed AST1150" graphics card on-board.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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