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Good Morning,
I have only just discovered zentyal and am looking to implement into my environment as a CA; possibly more but starting there for now.  I have the CA setup from what I can tell and I have imported my Root CA Cert into AD.

What I am looking to do is get Meraki talking to AD.  I created the cert for my DC  dc.domain.local and have all the pieces it needs.  I download the .zip file.  Inside is the .cer, the .p12 and then the two .pem files.

I imported the .cer just fine.  When I go to import the private key it is asking for a password.  I have no password and blank simply states that it is incorrect. 

My question is...  what is the password that it creates for the .p12 file?  Is there a way to specify these?  There are only what 3 fields to fill out when creating so I'm not entirely sure.

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