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Hi Daniel,

i updated my zentyal today with zentyal-core 7.1.2 and zentyal-core 8.0.1. The update process worked fine.
After that i restarted the server and e_mail, fetchmail and antivirus stoped working. After deinstall and reinstall the antivirus and mailfilter componets e-mail and fetchmail works fine.
Antivirus does not work. After restart the antivirus it seems to work for about 30 seconds. then the service stops again.

var/log/clamav/clamav.log tells the following:

Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> +++ Started at Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024
Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> Received 0 file descriptor(s) from systemd.
Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> clamd daemon 0.103.11 (OS: linux-gnu, ARCH: x86_64, CPU: x86_64)
Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> Log file size limited to 4294967295 bytes.
Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> Reading databases from /var/lib/clamav
Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> Not loading PUA signatures.
Fri Apr 12 17:27:17 2024 -> Bytecode: Security mode set to "TrustSigned".
Fri Apr 12 17:27:27 2024 -> Loaded 8690518 signatures.
Fri Apr 12 17:27:30 2024 -> ERROR: LOCAL: Socket file /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl could not be bound: Permission denied


Changed the owner of /var/run/clamav to user "clamav" and it works for me (drwxr-xr-x  2 clamav   root)


Thank you for your solution, turalyon. It worked perfectly.

Yes, the affected database was the sogo one. One annotation: I had to put "sudo" in front of the mysql command
(sudo mysql -u root -p$(sudo cat /var/lib/zentyal/conf/zentyal-mysql.passwd)). Otherwise it ended in an access violation errormessage for root...

Greets from the baltic sea

Vielen Dank Markus. Das hat mir Vorgestern den Tag gerettet...

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