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good day fellow zentyal users!

im still new to the linux community so if someone could help me with my problem that would be great

ive already configured zentyal,and i installed it in my 160 HDD.I want my samba shares to be stored in my other 1Tb HDD but when i specify the directory,it says "The mount point '/media/1TbStorageDrive' must be mounted with 'acl' option. This is required for permissions to work properly.". I really need help from someone who knows how to mount my HDD with acl permissions.Early Thanks for the response.

good day! i just want to know if there is a problem with my zentyal installation.the domain module(or tab,idk im new to this) is missing some components like the Group Policy Objects and Group Policy Links? why is this so? any help would be appreciated.thanks.picture of my problem is included in the attached pic.feel free to look.

i need it to auto mount my network drives and other options that are available.i really have no idea why this happened

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