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I have made several attempts to use the upgrade button without luck. It has failed in the same place each time.  The process hangs at "Configuring network (6.0) and does not progress.  The outcome leaves the Wan connection up but not able to pass traffic.

    My config:
          I run a virtualized environment (Proxmox).  I also employ a pair of Pfsense firewalls for most traffic.   Zentyal provides email and identity services.  Zentyal has both public and private network interfaces.  Zentyal also provides vpn services.  Most modules are installed and configured.


It is worth noting that something went wrong during the 5.10 to 5.11 update.  When I tried to update to 5.12 apt began to complain about not being the correct version for the libraries installed.  I was able to work around this by backleveling apt apt-utils and apt-https-transport to the previous version.

First attempt -   Pushed the button and waited.  Progress halted at configuring network as noted above.  2 hours went by before I bailed out.  -  No working wan network post reboot.  Restored backup
Second attempt -  Same process up until it hung at configuring the network.  I found and killed that specific process which allowed the upgrade to complete.   No working wan network post reboot.  Restored
Third attempt  -  Decided extra interfaces might be confusing the upgrade.  Disabled docker and rebooted before upgrading.  Same results.   I tried re running the postinstall script for zentyal-network without luck.

At the end of the day I will be able to stand up a new vm and port over the configuration manually before moving the email from one machine to the other.  I am not dependent on the upgrade in place to work. 

Jose,  any thoughts on what I should check for here?  Or, should I just proceed with a manual migration?



Installation and Upgrades / Why I use Proxmox for my servers
« on: December 14, 2013, 12:05:45 am »
I have advocated using on the metal virtualization and placing Zentyal on a virtual machine here in the past.  Today I was very glad that I do that at home as well as work (at least in the past --- I took a new position for those that keep up with such things)

It started out innocent enough,  I realized that I had not updated the home server from 3.0 to 3.2 as I thought I had some months back.  I decided to use the UPGRADE NOW button on the dashboard.  That button would be more accurately labeled "BREAK IT NOW" but that is another story.  Long story short after 45 minutes or so of wrangling with the system I decided to restore from the nightly backup set (Proxmox image).

I shutdown the virtual machine (forced it off actually)
Selected the backup tab for the VM
Selected the last image taken
Pressed Restore

Within 441 seconds I was starting my 32 Gig sized VM and was back to normal within a few minutes.  This process would have been much longer if I had been running a physical server.  To give some scale to this my home server backup file is 19G in size. The same file for 150 or so users w/email is about 112G.  That means that the larger system could be restored in about 40 minutes presuming the superior disk performance of the work system didn't improve that time.

Now that I have taken a position with Rackspace (I start in January) I plan on investigating topics like moving from a Proxmox server to an Openstack and back again.  I know that Zentyal performs well under openstack since the Zentyal development team uses Openstack internally.  Maybe I will find out how well it runs on an all SSD raid10 arrangement :-) .

I know that there has been some discussion on this in the past but for the life of me I can't find any solutions. I have an early 3.0 install from before the AD fixes.  I would like to get my current install running Samba4 properly but would like to avoid a re-install.   Any advice?

I have the following scenario playing out at work. 

I have a remote device that needs to connect to a service on an internal machine.  I have setup port forwarding for this without checking replace source address.

The service receives the packet and tries to reply on another port back to the device.  Instead of sending the reply to the device it is sending it to the Zentyal machine (destination IP== my zentyal). 

The vendor is informing me that the packet arriving to them is from my zentyal machine (via wireshark) and not the device so their software is working correctly.  The rub is this is the second such setup I have done (same vendor different software) and the first one works correctly.

I will admit my understanding of iptables is not perfect but there does not seem to be a rewrite rule involved.  Is this normal behavior?  My belief is that the device ip should still be in the packet header.  Is this so?


Installation and Upgrades / ARM processor based system
« on: May 07, 2013, 02:57:37 am »
Has anyone tried building a system using an ARM processor?  I have a brand new cubieboard and am contemplating trying it.  I was wondering if I was going to be the first.


Installation and Upgrades / No specific forum for this but
« on: February 21, 2013, 12:04:54 am »
I find myself unable to send PMs through the forum interface.  It tells me I am not allowed.  Could someone (moderator) help out here?


I think it is a good time to discuss the details of how to really go about clustering a zentyal server so as to achieve software high availability in addition to hardware high availability.  Anyone else interested in working on a specification?

I have come up with some interesting findings today.  I run Zentyal 2.2 with pretty much all modules installed.  This server was upgraded from 2.0 back in April.  What is getting my attention is that mysqld uses quite a bit of cpu even when idle (140%-160% on a quad core VM).  I am also getting short on space in my root directory.  The system was originally the stock 8gb root partition later expanded to 100gb via lvm.  We have approximately 125 users that use Zarafa.  The system has been in production for 2 years now.

The mysql directory has grown to 57gb and the ibdata1 file accounts for most of that.  Mysql is in the default setup and this is where the problem is.  By default, mysql stores all databases in ibdata1.  When a record is deleted the storage space is not released so the file continues to grow.  Running table optimize will not help since the "optimized" data will be written to the end of the file. In my case the actual data is only about 16gb not the 57gb taken up by the file.

My proposed fix:
stop zarafa
dump all of the databases with mysqldump (using the --opt parameter)
drop all of the databases.
shutdown mysqld
erase ibdata1,iblogfile0, and iblogfile1
edit my.cnf (see below)
restart mysql
restore the databases from the dumpfiles.

changes to my.cnf



The advantages:
I get my disk space back
I might cut down on the mysql thrashing
table optimize will actually work

The disadvantages:
Can anyone think of anything?

Note: the biggest change to the mysql config is moving tables out to individual files while leaving meta-data in ibdata1 getting rid of the ever growing database problem.

If there are no disadvantages,  I would suggest that the base install be modified similarly. Maybe add cleanup scripts to the nightly maint run.

Subject says it all.  I am having trouble with the Zarafa database corrupting from time to time. It (mysql in general) has been acting flackey since the 2.0-->2.2 upgrade.  Since the only time efficient solution I have found so far is to use the last backup for the VM I am looking into incrementally backing up the database.  Thus enters Xtrabackup into the scenario.  I have no experience with the software and am wondering if anyone else has had any with it. i am keenly interested in people who have incorporated it into their Zentyal server. Or will I be the first  . . .?

I am still digging but I wonder has anyone else had this happen.  Is there a quick fix  ( I have already learned quite a bit about zentyal's internals from this upgrade  :o )

It has been a long day but everything is working now.  I upgraded the company server yesterday (Sunday)  to 2.2.  Yes I know that I am very late doing this.  I had two significant issues.  One the CA service config was trashed.  /var/lib/zentyal/.rnd permissions again.  I deleted the /var/lib/zentyal/CA directory and started over.  I then re-generated service certificates via the web gui.  That being done I realized that I was not receiving mail. I checked the mail queue (mailq command) and found 65+ messages waiting to be delivered to Zarafa.  Many hours were spent getting to the bottom of this.  Somehow the upgrade script changed /etc/default/zarafa-dagent  on the line where it says DAGENT_ENABLED  to say no.  I changed it back to yes and restarted zarafa and then mail.  Finally everything is up and running (except users corner which I haven't tackled yet).  Grr......

I let my certificates lapse without renewing it on my home system.  I tried to create a new one but I keep getting this message on the GUI 

Unknown error. Given the OpenSSL output: Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key ...................++++++ ......................++++++ unable to write 'random state' writing new private key to '/var/lib/zentyal/CA/private/cakey.pem' ----- problems making Certificate Request 22553:error:0D07A098:asn1 encoding routines:ASN1_mbstring_ncopy:string too short:a_mbstr.c:147:minsize=2 error in req

 I was hoping that someone had already run into this.

Zentyal 2.2
all modules up to date

I have already tried rm -r /var/lib/zentyal/CA to no avail.

Thanks in advance

Installation and Upgrades / Samba4 - anyone had any luck . . .
« on: January 31, 2012, 06:17:27 pm »
Has anyone had any luck integrating a Samba4 AD with Zentyal?  I plan on removing my current Domain controller in the next few weeks and would like to synch my Zentyal users with samba4.  Just curious if anyone has started down this path yet.

I felt I should pass this tidbit on since I have seen it on two different Zentyal servers now.  The symptom is the user cannot search emails via the web interface.  The problem is that the Zarafa index has become corrupt.  The solution is to stop the Zarafa service and delete the index files.  The files are stored under /var/lib/zarafa/index .  There is a directory that is a long alpha-numeric sequence all by itself.  Delete it and restart the Zarafa service.  Done.

Installation and Upgrades / XBOX Live [SOLVED]
« on: December 26, 2011, 05:39:57 am »
Folks, christmas time usually means more work for us parents.  I bought a kinect for the kids XBOX and now I need some help getting XBOX-Live working.  No matter what I do, I can't get XBOX-Live to connect.  No combination of port forwarding works.   Can someone give me a hint as to how to set up Zentyal to allow an XBOX to connect?   Thanks!

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