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I have this setup on two different servers to rule out a problem with a network adapter, both were setup at the same time, and in the same exact way (installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS), added the repo (or whatever it's called on ubuntu) for Zentyal, and installed it.

Everything for the most part works fantastic, with the exception of Jabber (which I have no intention on using in a production environment anyway) and web surfing.

Web surfing is painfully slow, most DNS resolutions take at least 5 seconds whether I'm using Zentyal or bypassing it using a public resolver (such as Google Public or CloudFlare DNS). Additionally, when a file is downloaded from a network client attached to the network Zentyal is running, more than half will fail at or very close to 100% completion. Or won't finish at all, no matter how long they're left. I've tried disabling the firewall, I'm not using a proxy server and was using one of the two servers mentioned previously for my home network. It made it impossible to manage any server outside of my network. But had no problems when using my phone as a hotspot.

I also completely bypassed Zentyal for DNS by installing not one, but 4 different internal dns setups (BIND9, Pi-Hole, PowerDNS, and SimpleDNS), all of which had the same problem (when using Zentyal as the gateway). I know it's not the lines in my house because two separate networks are doing it, and when I replaced it 2 days ago (after months of just dealing with it because I prefer the functionality and benefits of Zentyal) with a copy of IP-FIRE because I just couldn't take it anymore, The problem vanished, and i have no problems now with loading websites, management panels, webmin interfaces or downloading a single file. However with Zentyal it happens minutes after a fresh install.

Even when testing the preinstalled ISO version I'm seeing the same slow down. I have a gigabit network in my home, Zentyal sees that, and my connection to Zentyal is gigabit, even when I plug directly into the ethernet adapter serving DHCP to my network.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? And stop this from happening. Is anyone else seeing similar issues? Btw, I've also tested these issues in all browsers, and it doesn't matter they all do the same thing. HELP!!!

Other modules / Allowing PXE or iPXE boot to Fog Server from DHCP networks
« on: February 02, 2017, 03:24:04 pm »
Ok, I have several networks configured with Zentyal. Everything is working great since the upgrade to Zentyal 5. However, I can not for the life of me seem to figure out how to PXE boot to our internal FogServer.

I've set it in the TFTP server option of the DHCP ranges, but it's not being boot to.

Is there a special way to PXE boot in Zentyal DHCP or is it just not available or supported?

Answers to this major quandary would be greatly appreciated.

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