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Hi All,

I was dealing with a problem since 4 days and i solved,i'm writing down so maybe somebody needed in the future :)

I've installed fresh 4.0 to my server and configured Domain,DHCP,HTTP Proxy,Antivirus,Printers etc. I've installed new server as "" after completed the configuration,i've shutdown my old server and changed ip address as "",and problems started after this part, all modules were working well but strangely samba has stopped to work, it wasn't allow me to create new folder sharing,so started to search on internet and found so many solutions but none of them fixed the problem.

After 4 days i did run this command "samba_dnsupdate" output was like below;

Code: [Select]
params.c:pm_process() - Processing configuration file "/etc/samba/printers.conf"
params.c:pm_process() - Processing configuration file "/etc/samba/shares.conf"
ldb_wrap open of secrets.ldb
; Communication with failed: operation canceled
could not talk to any default name server
; Communication with failed: operation canceled
could not talk to any default name server
; Communication with failed: operation canceled
could not talk to any default name server
Failed update of 3 entries
then it hit me, somehow in some config file old ip address was remain and samba was trying to lookup server's old ip address.

I've checked every single config file but i couldn't be able to find old ip address in it.

Fix : Network->Interfaces->Create a new virtual interface with old ip address->Goto terminal->sudo su->samba_dnsupdate.

That's it,file sharing and samba fully operational again.


Installation and Upgrades / Zentyal 5.0.7 - Empty Access Denied Page
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:22:33 am »

I just installed 5.0 and updated to 5.0.7,using HTTP proxy only, when HTTP request denied it returns emptypage instead of access denied page, please see screenshot as below, and report file as attached;

Firefox :

Internet Explorer :

Any idea how to fix it ?

Other modules / Zentyal 3.5 - Cups - RSS Subscription - Not Found
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:31:52 pm »
I'm using CUPS installed on Zentyal 3.5 and it works just fine,i need to use it's RSS subscription system,i have created subscription for printer,when i try to reach to RSS via "" it says NOT FOUND,i'm checking rss file as "pico /var/cache/cups/rss/ofsyazici.rss" file is correct and i can see printing history in it.

I did some searching on internet and only found one guide how to fix this problem, i have tried every command they have provided but no luck so far.

Does anybody know what cause this and how to fix it ?


I'm using zentyal 3.5.5 (i didn't get time to upgrade 4.x yet but i'll as soon as i can :) ), it works perfectly but i'm having a strange problem with addresses which include ":port" definition like "", there is an address setted as Allow from http filtering, users can access to direct address and with all subdomains related to it. For example "" is setted as allow users accessing "," and so on, but if address have an port information like "" then zentyal directly refusing the access and returns "404 Page not found", i had the similiar problem in 2014 ",23112.msg89023.html#msg89023" and they were advice me to edit "/usr/share/zentyal/stubs/squid/squid-external.conf.mas", so i've edited the file and added this line to acl part "acl Safe_ports port 8143        #eti_sap" and restarted zentyal but it didn't solve the problem, so any help to fix it ?

Hi Everyone,

With Zentyal 3.5.3 Community Server (Fully Updated), after reboot starting the web interface takes so many time, sometimes even takes 20-25 minutes to reach to web interface, what can cause of this ?

Installation and Upgrades / [SOLVED]How to export HTTP Proxy logs
« on: September 15, 2014, 07:59:09 am »
Hello Everyone,

Zentyal is really good system but one of the needs is export the logs as excel,pdf or so on. In my country goverment pushes the companys to log users http traffic, under Maintenance-Logs you can see the user's activitys but somehow there is no export button or option, is anybody know how i can export logs to excel or pdf without copy & paste each page ? I searched on forum and found the exact same question and answer here "" but commands in that answer is not working, i believe Zentyal is keeping that logs in a database (Mysql or Postresql etc.) if i'm right is anybody knows how i can reach to that database or log files ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,

I've a strange problem, i'm using Zentyal 3.5.3 Community Server with fully updated, allowed & to all users, users connecting to youtube but page is not loading well, i mean icons, pictures & css format doesn't show, please see the picture as attached.

I searched in forum and found some subjects related to youtube streaming problem and users were advising the "Cache Exemptions" i set the Exemptions as advised in that subjects but result is the same.(Configuration picture as attached).

Is anybody experienced the same problem and how i can fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

Installation and Upgrades / [SOLVED]Local addresses Access Denied
« on: September 02, 2014, 10:04:40 am »
Hello Everyone,

I'm using zentyal community latest version as http proxy on my network (gateway is not zentyal), proxy working like a charm but on local addresses i'm getting access denied message even i set up the filters and access rules for it. For example we have an local web application on "" i edit filter as allow to on filter rules but users who try to reach here getting access denied message, how i can fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

Installation and Upgrades / Use Zentyal as Gateway
« on: August 27, 2014, 04:17:27 pm »

Is it possible to use Zentyal 3.5 Community Server as(Installed as HTTP PROXY) gateway without installing the DHCP SERVER. I mean, i'm going to add second ethernet card to my server, with first card i'll connect my modem to my server so only zentyal server can connect to the internet, with second ethernet card will connect to my LAN via switch, i'll edit users ip address for example,

IP :
Subnet Mask :
Gateway : (My Zentyal Server)

after this configuration, i'll configure user's borwsers for zentyal proxy, is it possible or anybody tried this ? To do this should i change any configuration on Zentyal Server ?

Hi All,

Is there any chance to use joker characters on Filter Profiles, for example i want to block a website which is but that domain have so many versions like .org,.com,biz etc. i want to block all versions, i tried like "*hurriyet*" and "%hurriyet%" but didn't work.

Hello Everyone,

I'm a rookie about linux based systems, i installed Zentyal and i must say it's very very good project for specially rookies like me, i'm making practice about HTTP Proxy it's working good but i couldn't find any detailed document about what is Domain Categories ? is it working like Sonicwall's categorys ? I mean in that device you are selecting forbidden categorys like News,Social Media etc. if it is how i can prepare a category file to upload to system ? (Because when i goto Http Proxy->Categorized Lists system asks file to upload).

Thanks in advance.

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