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Installation and Upgrades / 3.5: Mail forwarding loop
« on: November 15, 2014, 12:04:01 am »
I'm trying to set up a way to receive mail for my domain but not have the hassle of trying to do the spam/virus detection myself.  I also need all the mail to be delivered to the Zentyal server, where individual users can grab it using their favourite mail client.

What I tried to do is use the Mail Hosting of my domain registry.  This allows me to create as many mailboxes as I need for my domain.  I then configured the External Retrieval Service to pull the mail, via POP, from the registry server and put it into each user's mailbox.

Unfortunately this causes the mail to be bounced:
Code: [Select]
Nov 13 22:30:27 zentyal postfix/pipe[30454]: 8DB711FFF5: to=<>, relay=dovecot, delay=0.14, delays=0.09/0.01/0/0.04, dsn=5.4.6, status=bounced (mail forwarding loop for
I have set up Zentyal as part of my domain:  The user joeblow has an account on Zentyal.  The mail hosting is set up to receive the mail for, and store it in a mailbox named "", which is where I pull it from.

Is this a legitimate mail loop, as I'm pulling from a POP server, which is not part of, and asking it to be put to a local user, not relayed on via SMTP.

Is there any way this can be set up.


Installation and Upgrades / 3.5: Error restarting service mail
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:09:17 pm »
Hitting the Restart button for "External retrieval service" throws a "Error restarting service Mail. See /var/log/zentyal/zentyal.log for more information" box.

Looking at the log, I see:
Code: [Select]
2014/11/14 14:01:08 INFO> EBox::Module::Service::restartService - Restarting service for module: mail
2014/11/14 14:01:10 ERROR> EBox::Module::LDAP::_connectToSchemaMaster - Error binding to schama master LDAP: An error occurred in C<Net::LDAP>
2014/11/14 14:01:10 ERROR> EBox::Module::Service::restartService - Error restarting service: Error binding to schama master LDAP: An error occurred in C<Net::LDAP>
2014/11/14 14:01:10 ERROR> EBox::Module::Service::restartService - Error binding to schama master LDAP: An error occurred in C<Net::LDAP>
2014/11/14 14:01:10 ERROR> EBox::SysInfo::CGI::RestartService::_process - Restart of Mail from dashboard failed: Error binding to schama master LDAP: An error occurred in C<Net::LDAP>
Any ideas anyone.


OK, so I find a couple of issues in the module which stops me creating any shares on my test server, where I'm trying out 3.5.

Basically when creating a new share, the code verifies that the "acl" option has been provided on the mount command for the filesystem where the share is.  Well, initially this failed because all my shares are on an aufs mount spread across 4 drives.  This I could understand, as aufs doesn't support extended attributes.

So, I switched to an mhddfs pool, which by using ls and get/setfacl I could see does support "acl".  However the Create Shares panel still complains.  Trying to create a share on a single drive of the pool also failed, despite it being an xfs filesystem which supports "acl" without any special options.

Turns out that the module only looks for mounts that have "acl" specified, or are the btrfs filesystem.  So, even though my perl is a little rusty, I thought I could fix this.

Well, adding an exception for "xfs" for fairly straightforward, as it was a cut/paste from the btrfs code.  After doing this, it tested great.  I was able to create a share on an xfs filesystem.

Moving on to supporting mhddfs is where my woes began.

After my first update, the Create Shares panel wouldn't load because of an error loading the perl modules  (Excuse the abbreviated messages and typos.  This is on a different server without cut/paste available):

WARN> zentyal.psgi:43: main Bareword found where operator expected at ... ... ...

ERROR> Error loading ... ...syntax error at ...

Now, this I can understand, because, yes, there was an error.  However, from this point on I cannot get past the panel error screen because every time I now get the following:

ERROR> ... Error loading ... ... Attempt to reload ... aborted.

Now, whatever I try, including replacing the module with the original again gives the "aborted" message.  Obviously, at this point re-booting the server clears the error.

But how do I clear this without a re-boot, as having to re-boot after each change to the perl module is obviously not going to fly.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Making Zentyal More
« on: September 02, 2014, 07:42:02 pm »
I have pfSense 2.1.x authenticating it's incoming IPSec VPN against Zentyal 3.2 if that's of any interest. Haven't tried Zentyal 3.5  but guessing it should work similarly.
I would be interested in seeing how.

I used pfSense running on an HP thin client before I moved to Zentyal.  Thinking of going back, based on Zentyal's current direction.


News and Announcements / Re: Time to resign
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:52:51 am »
And remember that the Zentyal framework is still completely generic and extensible, nothing prevents to add other third-party modules on top.
Zentyal is a non-trivial product written in Perl. Not everyone can just jump on that bandwagon.
As I stated on another thread, it's the fact that the framework is a world of mystery and as CNServices states, non-trivial, to everyone except the Zentyal developers.  The fact that it's perl is not so much the issue as there are lots of talented perl developers.  It's the time and effort needed to understand the framework that will cause community efforts to fail.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: I need an alternative to zentyal
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:13:41 pm »
Maybe we can have some modules maintained by the community, but for that we will need skilled perl developers in the community. As far as I know, there are not any active developers in the community.
Knowledge of perl is less than half the battle.  I have, albeit briefly, looked at what is needed to maintain a couple of the modules, as they do not do quite what I want "out of the box".

The biggest hurdle is understanding the structure of Zentyal, how it works internally and the inter-relationship between many of the modules.  I know that all of the source is available, but in some respects, Zentyal is more like closed-source code as without that internal knowledge, what appears to be a simple change could have major ramifications elsewhere.

My belief is that this is the major stumbling block to the community taking up the reigns on providing more user-driven updates and features and why the call for the community to keep existing, soon to be dropped, features in 4.0 will fail.


Unless the "Enable PAM" option is selected, a user no longer has the ability to change their own password.  You cannot log on to the account from a terminal, nor through SSH.

Using Zentyal's admin account and sudo it is possible to log on as that user, but an attempt to change the password fails with:
Code: [Select]
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
passwd: password unchanged
Trying to change the password from Zentyal's admin account with "passwd <user> yields the same failure.

An unintended result of stripping out User Corner, perhaps.

***** Update *****

Setting Enable PAM allows the user to log in to a terminal session and use SSH, but changing the password is still not possible:
Code: [Select]
eddie@zentyal-beta:~$ passwd
Current Password:
Password change failed. Server message: Old password not accepted.
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
passwd: password unchanged



Installation and Upgrades / External Mail is Back, Kinda, BUT ...
« on: July 26, 2014, 08:11:25 pm »
After the latest upgrades, it looks like External Mail retrieval has re-appeared,  :D but still without User Corner, so it can only be configured via the Users and Computers panel, which is fine by me as I only use it for a handful of accounts anyway.

But, I notice in the 4.0 roadmap that even more modules are going away, including WebService.  I came to Zentyal as a replacement for pfSense because it gave me the ability to run all the services I wanted, like a web server, ftp server, vpn, DHCP, DNS, file sharing, all on the server that also was my firewall, hence replacing 2, or was it 3, servers with one.  Now it appears that all the  services that drew me to Zentyal are being slowly removed.  OK, I know that it's not the best idea to run a bunch of stuff alongside the firewall, but for a home user, or even a very small business, it makes sense.

So, to me anyway, it seems that Zentyal's roadmap is taking them along a different path, than I'm sure a lot of folks who've been using it for a while, want it to go down.  Maybe time to look into alternatives, as for a home user, I have no need for an Exchange Server.


So, external mail is supported, according to the Technical Features and also the Mail panel.  But it isn't really.   :-[

I find it interesting that the excuse used is the removal of User Corner.  I am currently running 3.0 without User Corner, but all my accounts are configured to retrieve external mail, as that is currently an option on the Users panel.  OK, it's a pain if the external mail password expires, because there is only a way to add or delete an external mail account, not modify, but remove/add sure works for me.

The lack of this feature is a huge roadblock to a deployment of 3.5.


It would be interesting if people with win7(64) and virtual box could post whether or not this is happening.

Also any other 64bit versions running virtualbox just to see if its a Win7 prob.

I can't help as bare metal but will download and give it a go.

I guess you all have processors with virtual support? Might be good to list processor as well.
I have exactly the same issue under ESXi.  Always hangs saving the Samba module.  So it looks like not just vitualbox, but still something to do with running virtual.

And I'm in the same boat of not having any other bare metal around to test this version on.


OK, it's not just for that field.  Every change I've tried since that needs to save the Samba module stalls.

Plus, I'm not sure that all the Samba changes are taking place.  If I create a new share as a "Zentyal share", shouldn't that directory be automatically created under /home/samba/shares.  Because it isn't.


After a change of the NetBIOS domain name for File Sharing, pressing Save initiates the changes, but they never end.  The pop-up remains at 2 of 3 operations performed for ever.

I've also included the portion of /var/log/zentyal/zentyal.log for this.  No other logs appear to have anything written to them.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Cannot Restore Backup Configuration
« on: October 04, 2013, 09:52:55 pm »
In order to see if this issue was due to me trying to restore a 3.0 backup on a 3.2, I backed up 3.2.

Hmmm, that doesn't give me the option to download the resultant backup to a local disk.  Note the lack of Download or Delete under Actions.

Ha, also if I hit restore, I get the same as before.  A pop-up without an OK button.


Installation and Upgrades / Re: Cannot Restore Backup Configuration
« on: October 02, 2013, 09:52:10 am »
I did give it a try.   ;D  I get a pop-up with no "OK" button to continue, so cannot continue past this point.  That was the point of the post.

My current server is on real hardware, not VMWare, so it's not so easy to test an upgrade and roll back if issues happen.


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