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Installation and Upgrades / webadmin ssl change via cli
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:55:35 pm »
I've hit a problem whereby my webadmin fails to start.
I suspect since i was trying to get VPN working, that something is messed up with the certificates, as the logs indicate nginx ssl mismatch.
So I'd like to turn off SSL, for webadmin, so I can at least try to reconfigure it.
where is the conf file located for that?
I'm running Zentyal 4.2

Very good news indeed. Looking forward to contributing...

Thanks for the info on this. Very useful.
Please can this be added to the manual?

Regarding folders, I have currently configured all the RecycleBin folders on network shares to be excluded using the method you gave.
But we have over 80 users, and manually excluding all their home folder RecycleBins from backup is just not manageable.
It seems very odd to me that regular expressions can't be used for folder paths.
Are you sure about that?

I spoke to someone on Zentyal IRC channel, and they tried a few options like that, and I got the impression that it didn't work.
I'd try it myself, but I don't really want to experiment in a production environment, especially as my backup is pretty huge.

Can you clarify how should folder names be presented, assuming I would want any folder named "RecycleBin" and its contents excluded from backup?
Which of the following would be correct?
  • RecycleBin
  • RecycleBin/*
  • */RecycleBin/*

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Run backup manually
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:57:55 pm »
You're welcome - I have to give something back to the community for this great product!

Forgot to mention, I'm running Zentyal 2.0.23

I'm not actually running it via cron, but the same message happens if you run the backup manually from commandline.

I'm having the exact same problem
Zentyal 2.0.23

I'm adding some extra notes here, as this isn't fool-proof still.
It seems like its necessary in some cases to manually trigger a backup via CLI before the old backups will be recognised in the new location.

Having said that, its not yet clear to me if its sufficient to run an incremental backup via CLI, or if a full backup is required.

This may be a problem only in certain versions of Zentyal though, as I'm currently only having problems with my version 2.0 server.
All my Zentyal 2.2 servers worked just fine.

Installation and Upgrades / Run backup manually
« on: May 28, 2012, 09:52:56 am »
Sometimes its necessary to run backups manually, and Zentyal doesn't currently have a "run now" option via the admin interface.
Everyitme I need to do this, I always end up searching the forums for ages before I find the right commands. This is also made harder by the fact that older versions of Zentyal/Ebox use a different command.  So I figured I should document these CLI commands for other users too.

For zentyal versions 2.2:
Incremental backup: 
Code: [Select]
/usr/share/zentyal-ebackup/backup-tool --incrementalFull backup: 
Code: [Select]
/usr/share/zentyal-ebackup/backup-tool --full
For zentyal versions 2.0 and earlier:
Incremental backup:
Code: [Select]
/usr/share/ebox-ebackup/ebox-remote-ebackup --incrementalFull backup:
Code: [Select]
/usr/share/ebox-ebackup/ebox-remote-ebackup --full
If anyone has any other variants to add for other versions please go ahead and add them!

I have a Zentyal 2.0 domain server with lots of samba shares.
I need to exclude certain file types from backup. For example all the crap files created by our mac users:
.DS_Store, .TMP, and files beginning with  ._

Also Thumbs.db and all of the contents of all the RecycleBin folders on all network shares and User homes.

I know that Zentyal Backup has a feature for excluding by regular expression, but I can't find any examples of how to write those expressions in the Zentyal context.

Can someone help?

my old backup files were migrated to the new backup server retaining permissions
zentyal didn't have write perms to the backup location as I forgot to chown old backups for the new user on the new server

and Zentyal mods made it sticky too!  I feel kinda fluffy... :)

Installation and Upgrades / Change LDAP settings?
« on: May 15, 2012, 02:29:22 pm »
I have a live Zentyal 2.0.16 server, acting as a samba PDC for around 85 Windows users (who i don't really want to upset).
For historical reasons the LDAP settings no longer reflect the server's hostname, and this is making it difficult to implement features such as the Jabber module.
I'm also finding it unusually difficult to get some other apps to talk properly to my server's LDAP.

My current LDAP settings are as follows (domain names and server names changed for security):

Base DN:    dc=Server2,dc=domain1
Root DN:    cn=ebox,dc=Server2,dc=domain1
Password:    XXXXXXXXXXX (pass hidden)
Users DN:    ou=Users,dc=Server2,dc=domain1
Groups DN:    ou=Groups,dc=Server2,dc=domain1

I'd like to change all occurrences of Server2 to become Server1 (which is the hostname of the server).
Is it possible to make such changes to LDAP without affecting my users' ability to login to the domain (since the domain name won't change), and without affecting my abaility to join workstations to the domain?
If so, How?

I have a few servers all running Zentyal 2.2.7 and backing up to a NAS box via FTP (no encryption)
My NAS is pretty much out of diskspace, but I have a new one ready with a lot more space.
Using smbfs mount I have duplicated the existing backup data to the new server, keeping all file attributes.
How can I get Zentyal to read from the new location, and continue with its daily incremental backups?
Right now it's showing "There are not backed up files yet".
Do I have to clear some cache somewhere to get it to show the existing backups in the zentyal interface?

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