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Hi poundjd!

The thing is that a few users requested the integration of eGroupware. It was the only groupware solution mentioned so the choice was easy.


J. A. Calvo

Your error is very strange. You can try to delete eBox and postgresql entirely:

apt-get remove --purge libebox
apt-get remove --purge ^postgresql.*

And then install eBox again. But I'm not sure it will work. You can also try it on another clean machine.

You can also try to give us more information (the steps you did from the beginning, if you did something "special", etc.)


J. A. Calvo

Installation and Upgrades / Re: Connect to OpenVPN from Windows?
« on: April 26, 2009, 12:16:41 pm »
No, I'm afraid that's not possible.

Could you please paste here the content of your /etc/apt/sources.list file to see if there is something wrong?

The ^ command in nano means press the CONTROL key on your keyboard.

Once you have added the lines you can press <CTRL>-O to save the file and <CTRL>-X to exit, remember to run the command as root (sudo nano) or you won't have write permissions.

If you still have problems you can try to do this:

sudo -s (to get a root shell), and then:
echo "line to add to the file"  >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Hope this helps!


J. A. Calvo

You can try with "nano" instead of "vi".

Hi pedro!

Take a look at this post:


J. A. Calvo

I can't figure out why it failed at first... but anyway I'm happy to know you have solved the issue!

Spanish / Re: Dudas sobre ebox
« on: April 23, 2009, 01:17:18 pm »
Buenos días!

No conozco vuestras necesidades exactas, pero en principio la respuesta a todas tus preguntas es "Sí".

eBox funciona como PDC para Windows, usa LDAP que se puede integrar fácilmente con otros servicios, gestiona varios dominios de correo (aunque en este momento un mismo usuario sólo puede tener cuenta en uno de los dominios, pero puede tener varios alias), y en cuanto a phpmyadmin en principio no debería haber ninguna incompatibilidad, aunque eBox actualmente no utiliza mysql para nada.

Gracias a vosotros por vuestro interés en eBox!

Hi again!

Well, I'm from Spain and I was sleeping at that hour. Now I'm going to travel and I'll be back on IRC on about two hours.

In the meanwhile, you can try to follow this steps:

sudo -s (to execute all next commands as root)

/usr/share/ebox/ebox-unconfigure-module egroupware
su postgresql -c "dropdb egroupware"
su postgresql -c "dropuser egroupware"
apt-get remove --purge ebox-egroupware
apt-get install ebox-egroupware

Then you can try to enable it again and see if you get the same error.


J. A. Calvo

Sorry, I wanted to mean apt-cache policy ebox-egroupware instead of egroupware.

The version of the ebox package is ok, in case of the candidate version for ebox-egroupware is greater than the installed one, you should try to upgrade it by doing an apt-get install ebox-egroupware. (Maybe you should do an apt-get update first of all).

If that doesn't solve your problem, maybe you can join the #ebox IRC channel at and I'll try to help you there.


J. A. Calvo

Well, the error you are getting must be because of a previous error (probably creating the egroupware database in postgresql).

Could you paste the output of the following commands?

apt-cache policy egroupware
apt-cache policy ebox


J. A. Calvo

Installation and Upgrades / Re: eGroupware, some glitches
« on: April 16, 2009, 08:44:53 pm »
- when changing user settings in eGroupware (admin/user accounts), after saving the user data within eBox gets "corrupted": the username in eBox is set to the full name. To recover from this I have to change (in eGroupware) the content of "Name" to that of "Login-ID".

Currently there is no integration between eGroupware in eBox in that way, you can add users from the eBox interface, but if you add them from eGroupware, they'll corrupt eBox ldap as you said. We'll try to fix that in the future, but anyway it's not recommended to add the users from insided eGroupware because other eBox modules aren't noticed of that additions.

- within eBox "tracker" is missing on eGroupware/Default_applications. Is there a problem with it or was it simply overlooked? "bookmarks" is missing as well...

There is a problem with "tracker", we'll try to fix it for the next release. In the case of "bookmarks" it seems to work ok, so we probably overlooked it. It will be included in the next version too.

when a user sets permissions (e.g. calendar), these are deleted when I change his settings in eBox. I created a new permission template in eBox to give the users a less cluttered desktop. After changing to this in the user settings, all ACL settings in eGroupware are deleted :-(

That's similar to the user addition problem. If you change the permissions from eGroupware instead of eBox you'll lose the previous eBox settings for that user.

the articles in the knowledge base don't get published. Might that be connected with the message "Installed crontab: crontab not found or not executable !!!" (in Admin_Menu/Asynchronous_timed_services)?
Strange thing is: even when I try to publish the articles manually I get "You have not the proper permissions to do that "...

I can't reproduce that issue. Posting in knowledge base works for me... How do you exactly get the crontab error?


J. A. Calvo

Installation and Upgrades / Re: ebox - egroupware - language
« on: April 12, 2009, 08:22:29 pm »

Installation and Upgrades / Re: How-to block msn (live) messenger
« on: April 07, 2009, 12:38:03 pm »
Try to block


J. A. Calvo

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