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Installation and Upgrades / Zentyal availability / migration to VM
« on: February 15, 2013, 05:34:09 pm »

I am currently running Zentyal server 2.0 looking for the best way to maintain availability in the event of hardware failure. Currently I am running 3 drives with mdadm RAID 5 with LVM on top for / & /home partitions.

I have made many tweaks over the years, and unfortunately some of them were done in a pinch and not documented properly. Is there any easy way to migrate these tweaks to a new install on a new system? If not, is it possible to migrate the server to a virtual instance (hosted on kvm,xen, or xenserver) on a new system using LVM snapshots or otherwise? I would like to have a virtual setup of Zentyal where I can take full snapshots while live that could be migrated to a new VM Host OS on a new system in a pinch (hardware failure) without major downtime and configuration.

I fully intend to upgrade to 2.2 after this is addressed. What do you think?



Is this how to outdated?

I tested this on my 2.0 test server using manual duplicity in a terminal, and it did not work. After the process completes, the server reboots, I get to the Zentyal logo, then I get a "Failed to execute login command" after attempting login. Does this method of recovery not work when using LVM? (for / and /home). I do mount the LVM Volumes correctly before restoring as well.

Installation and Upgrades / Lost access to Web GUI
« on: March 14, 2011, 10:16:12 pm »
Running Zentyal 2.0.16 (as of 3/11/11)

I came in Monday and I have no access to the Zentyal through the https web interface. I can only access the machine through a remote terminal. I have the server scheduled to automatically update at 20:39, could an automatic update Sat or Sun night have caused the apache module to crash?

I've tried restarting the apache module manually and checked /var/log/ebox/ebox.log and error.log to no avail. The server is used for file sharing and authenticating (these services are also still working) and I have 50+ users connecting to the shared drives.


I have built a new server (using Zentyal 2.0) to replace our Domain authenticating and primary file server.

The intent was to have a 3 disk (500g) setup with a RAID 5 partition for storage (/home)

It seems I've tried installing with every possible configuration (besides installing on 1 disk only) with the same outcome: "Gave up waiting for root device" "dev/mapper/****-ROOT does not exist. Dropping to a shell"

I am placing /boot on its own RAID1 partition at the beginning of the disks using ext3, I have tried including / in the RAID1 partition with /boot and tried including it with /home in the RAID5 partition with lvm.  Every setup I have tried has ended up with this same outcome. The grub bootloader is being installed on ALL disks, and all /boot partitions are being flagged as bootable.

What am I doing wrong? I tested having /boot and / on RAID1 with no problems on another machine. Should I just give up and put the OS and /boot on a SINGLE drive and /home on RAID5?

Installation and Upgrades / NT4 -> W2K3 -> AD Sync w/Zentyal
« on: October 18, 2010, 10:55:44 pm »
Since Zentyal supports AD sync with Windows 2003 Server but not NT4, I had this idea to replace the old (NT4) PDC:

Use Active Directory Migration Tool (v3.0) to fully migrate the domain (users/groups/security) to a (temporary) Windows 2k3 Server fresh install.  Then set up a Zentyal special install networked together with the 2003 server.  Follow the Zentyal_adSync.exe guide to sync the users to the Zentyal.

My question is:  Does anyone with experience with Windows 2003 onward know how the licensing works? Will I be able to migrate users to Win2k3 temporarily without buying CALs (the users will not be connecting)

Will this work? Thanks..

Installation and Upgrades / Replacing an NT PDC
« on: September 28, 2010, 05:47:19 pm »

If I replace a Windows NT4 PDC with a Zentyal 2.0 PDC (same domain name and all users added w/same credentials) will the Windows XP clients see this as a new domain and create new user accounts for them? Or will it authenticate the same as before, preserve the user account from the old NT4 domain thus keeping all settings and desktop configurations(locally)?

Thank you

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