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I already test my Ebox with static ip for input internet...everything is workin normal...(except proxy problem)
now i try use DHCP config for input internet ( not use Ebox for dhcp server) but...input internet is dynamic ip ( not static)

i can,t set default gateway...because dhcp server is automatic config...:D

thanks for help...

Installation and Upgrades / ASK: how to use proxy
« on: December 26, 2007, 03:13:30 pm »
Hi.. i,m newbie with ebox... please help me to give some tutorial how to use ebox proxy .
because i try to activate http proxy service and make transparant..but ebox proxy not working...
maybe problem is from ebox firewall or someting..
i don,t know  how to redirect port 80 to ebox proxy port...

many thanks for help...

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